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Heineken Urban Polo is using Oracle artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud to power a digital concierge for its events in New Zealand. The concierge contains all event’s information such as how to get there, where the bar is, what times the matches start, when the pony parade is on,

Telstra, Intel and Ericsson have unveiled one of the world’s first esports professional gaming experiences over 5G, showcasing the power of 5G’s ultra-low latency that professional and amateur gamers alike can expect in the future. Fresh from Intel Extreme Masters Sydney, pro esports team The Chiefs, helped demonstrate the technical

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The University of Technology Sydney is the first academic institution to work with SAS – the leader in analytics – and Cisco in a global Internet of Things (IoT) partnership, creating a new research and teaching facility, the UTS-SAS-Cisco IoT Innovation Lab. The UTS-SAS-Cisco IoT Innovation Lab will create a

Rather than visiting a sales lot, shoppers in China can now select a car online and then pick it up from a vending machine to take it for a test drive. Alibaba’s Tmall has unveiled its “Super Test-Drive Center” in Guangzhou with over 100 Ford cars available for Chinese consumers

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The global energy industry is facing major challenges from the ongoing environmental issues, changing regulations, low oil prices, and high capital and operating costs. Those factors are forcing energy firms, which are traditionally considered conservative, to embrace a great deal of innovation and adopt disruptive technologies, according to leading data

Investment platform AtlasTrend has launched a voice-activated personal investment assistant called Astro, challenging traditional institutions and approaches to investing money. One of the first voice-activated fintech bots in Australia, Astro is available on Google Home, Google Home Mini and Google Assistant devices, and uses verbal commands to allow transactional capabilities for

Organisations see growing importance in the Internet of Things (IoT) but few are yet to fully leverage the technology, according to a Forbes Insights report released today. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help us improve Which-50 by taking our annual reader survey. You can also win prizes including Google Home, Google Home

Alibaba AI Labs, which leads the development of Alibaba’s consumer AI products, and semiconductor company MediaTek, have announced a strategic collaboration in IoT initiatives including smart home protocols, customised IoT chips and AI smart hardware, with the aim of fostering the development of a connected world in the IoT era.

Voice activated devices are beginning to eat away at the amount of time we spend looking at our smartphone screens. More people are buying devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, and their use is coming at the expense of smartphones, according to an Accenture report. WHICH-50 Reader Survey: Help

Telstra Ventures has made a strategic investment in Headspin, a leading mobile application testing company based in Silicon Valley. Telstra Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Telstra. Based in Silicon Valley, Asia and Australia, the corporate venture capital firm has invested in more than 40 technology companies since