Internet of Things

Organisations see growing importance in the Internet of Things (IoT) but few are yet to fully leverage the technology, according to a Forbes Insights report released today. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter The limited success of the much hyped IoT is due to its infancy, leaving many organisations

Alibaba AI Labs, which leads the development of Alibaba’s consumer AI products, and semiconductor company MediaTek, have announced a strategic collaboration in IoT initiatives including smart home protocols, customised IoT chips and AI smart hardware, with the aim of fostering the development of a connected world in the IoT era.

Voice activated devices are beginning to eat away at the amount of time we spend looking at our smartphone screens. More people are buying devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo, and their use is coming at the expense of smartphones, according to an Accenture report. Sign up to Which-50’s

Telstra Ventures has made a strategic investment in Headspin, a leading mobile application testing company based in Silicon Valley. Telstra Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of Telstra. Based in Silicon Valley, Asia and Australia, the corporate venture capital firm has invested in more than 40 technology companies since

Accenture has built a new technology platform and used it to train more than 180,000 of its employees globally in the latest digital technologies in just over 20 months. It now plans to use the interactive platform with clients to help develop their IT workforces in critical areas such as

Two security experts famed for hacking a Jeep say the auto industry is finally getting serious about cyber security. Dr Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek who both now work for Cruise, General Motors’ self-driving car unit, said car makers are now learning the same security lessons software companies started learning

GE and CSIRO’s Data61 have developed a data analytics solution to give the Royal Australian Navy greater insights into its fleet engine performance and enhance operational efficiency. GE supplies the Royal Australian Navy with its LM2500 gas turbines that power the ANZAC-, Adelaide-, Canberra- and Hobart-class vessels. CSIRO’s Data61 has

Sydney,Australia - February 20, 2016: A QANTAS Boeing 737 taxies towards the terminal after landing at the city's airport. QANTAS is the flag carrier for Australia.

Qantas pilots and GE Aviation have developed a new flight data application (app), FlightPulse, that provides pilots with data to help them fly more efficiently and help reduce carbon emissions. FlightPulse is the first fully commercialised product to be developed with mobile services from GE’s Predix platform. It uses recorded

More than 310 million wearable devices will be sold worldwide in 2017, an increase of 16.7 per cent from 2016 according to new data from Gartner. Sales of wearable devices will generate revenue of $30.5 billion in 2017. Of that, $9.3 billion will be from smartwatches. In 2017, 41.5 million

It’s common to hear modern cars referred to as computers on wheels. They boast sensors that measure fuel and braking, along with built-in navigation and infotainment systems. These digital systems could be hacked and Australia needs to preempt this threat. Compromised vehicles present unique issues. Besides putting people at serious