In the Norwegian town of Svalbard there is a vault containing over 900,000 seeds of the world’s most valuable plants and crops. The vault, more than 100 metres within a mountain, opened in 2008 to preserve the seeds in any sort of large scale crisis or doomsday scenario. Next year,

GitHub has no plans to review its decision to continue providing products to controversial US government agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), despite a growing backlash from employees over the deal including employees leaving in protest. The open source management company says canceling or modifying the contract won’t “effect any

Consumers comprehensively reject the practice of brands, publishers and platforms tracking their internet behaviour without their explicit consent, according to research commissioned by Which-50. Yet few sites or services allow for this, and instead assume implicit acceptance based on terms and conditions which few consumers have read — and even

Depending on what type of bank a consumer uses – major, regional, mutual or neobank – they have varying levels of trust according to a new report from Deloitte.  The report, Open Banking: Switch or Stick? Insights into customer switching behaviour and trust shows the differences in trust between major

When it comes to data protection and the fear potential customers might have about their data, Julien Lesaicherre, director – global head of sales at Workplace by Facebook ensures that this platform and Facebook are separate companies.  He said the business isn’t a social media platform per se and has

GitHub announced it is releasing native mobile applications for iOS and Android, and unveiled a new approach to open source security during its annual developer event in San Francisco this week. From today a mobile version of GitHub is available through a public beta with android “coming soon”. The mobile

Facebook is expanding its financial services arm, unveiling its in-app payments platform Facebook Pay, for its social media site, Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger.  The service will first be introduced on Facebook and Messenger and then eventually introduced on Instagram and Whatsapp.  The company said it wants to provide people with

GitHub has begun formalising its office culture, processes, and layouts following its acquisition by tech giant Microsoft. The companies insist GitHub will remain a separate entity but GitHub says it wants to record and share some of what made it so appealing to Microsoft. The open source software management company

Software developers aren’t introverts writing closely guarded code in a dark room. At least not anymore. The rise of open source has shown software development is fundamentally a collaborative, community endeavour where millions of developers share and build on each other’s work. That’s according to GitHub CEO Nat Friedman who

Cloud-based contact centre solutions offer a number of advantages over on-premise solutions such as the high speed of deployment, the ability to avoid upfront costs, and of course opportunity to scale capacity up and down on-demand, and so adjust to market conditions. That’s a key take away from a new