Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed Australian government departments and major industry leaders are under increasing levels of cyberattack, saying the advice from the security agencies was that this was driven by a state-based actor. Speculation immediately turned to China, which has been engaged in an ongoing trade dispute with the

The number of businesses using asset tracking solutions will reach 90 million this year, and exceed 114 million by 2025. This represents a growth of 27 per cent over the next five years. The figures are contained in a new study from Juniper Research Asset tracking solutions enable enterprises to

CFOs will scale back spending by 4 per cent to 11 per cent across their selling, general, and administrative expenses (SG&A) functions for 2020., according to a new survey from Gartner. The researchers asked US based CFOs what SG&A cuts they have already made, they plan to make this year,

Marketers, particularly those with experience in field marketing understand the effort required to have guests attend a live event. Not surprisingly some are skeptical, or at least uncertain about whether their audience will watch on-demand webinars. To appreciate the answer to this question it is necessary to recognise that webinars

“The Customer is always right.” As a customer experience (CX) professional, I’ve heard that maxim quite a lot. The well-worn adage has never been entirely correct. The customer can be wrong, and knowing when and how to identify and manage that situation requires brands to recognize the distinction between being

Alibaba Cloud will spend US$283 million during this fiscal year to empower global partners and accelerate joint innovations in the post-pandemic era. The company says the investment is designed to accelerate the uptake of digitalisation capabilities among its partners, and to help create joint products and solutions to benefit even

The Reserve Bank of Australia Sydney

Digital currencies are slowly shedding the reputational damage suffered in the early days of bitcoin when they were seen as the preferred currency of the black economy, managed through dodgy operators like Mt Gox. However, as the technology underpinning bitcoin – blockchain – has become more mainstream, and with commitments

The Catholic Education Network (CEnet) has streamlined its application access, improving teacher and student productivity with real-time identity lifecycle management across 30 systems. Founded in 2007, the organisation provides comprehensive information management systems, applications, and processes to 770 diocesan schools across New South Wales, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.

TikTok, the latest app-based social media fad beloved by digital natives and incompetent middle-aged dancers has opened an Australian office and announced several key executives hires. While its star is rising rapidly, the Chinese based company’s history is not without controversy.  According to Wikipedia, “In December 2019, the United States

Microsoft and SAS overnight announced an extensive technology and marketing partnership which they say will shape the future of analytics and AI. The purpose of the partnership is to make it easier for SAS customers to run their workloads in the cloud, expand their business solutions and unlock critical value