In the world of real things, real companies often lag far behind the trend curve, even when the trend is smack-you-in-the-face obvious. A new study by Appcelerator, for instance shows enterprises still clearly fixated on the iOS phenomenon of 2011 and 12, even though the market has clearly and aggressively pivoted to

So, that whole internet palava is working out just fine for Apple and Google. Both companies now sit atop the Interbrand 100 – the list of the most valuable brands in the world. In fact  the tech sector dominates with six of the ten largest brands in the world.  Coca Cola

Everything it touches it owns. It is rapacious. Google is DNA and it is only fifteen years old. The company already hoovers up fully one third of the world’s online advertising and will reach $US40 billion in advertising revenues this year. In the fast-growing mobile ad market it is even

Four years ago there were no Chrome users in the world. Today there are 750 million. There are over 900 million Android phones in the world today. Five years ago there were none. That’s what awesome looks like. How does that play out in the real economy? Here is one

A looming wave of  knowledge work automation will generate or displace the equivalent of 140 million full times jobs by 2025 as it crashes and breaks upon the managerial class with same impact already felt by workers in the manufacturing and transactional sectors over the last half a century. Machines