More proof, as if any where needed, that the web is a visual medium. The three fastest growing apps in the world over the last year were Vine, Flickr and Instagram, and Vine especially is the runaway success, growing 403 per cent (albeit of a lower base than the other

Australian web sites will be audited using Comscore, after a late attempt by incumbent Nielsen was rejected by the Audited Media Association of Australia.Which-50 understands that Nielsen attempted to re-enter the process in recent months having at first refused to participate. However after the company made it clear it did

The Internet of Things, Digital DNA and Gartner’s strategic planning assumptions were the most popular stories for Which-50’s senior digital executive audience this week. (Image: Peter Sondergaard. Source: Linkedin)  And our story from late September about the advantages of decision science versus gut feel-based decision making continues to garner a strong

They are aged between 15 and 24 and they have been plugged into the matrix for at least five years. They are the digital natives, and they have another very important characteristic – a very large percentage of them are Chinese. There are 75 million Chinese digital natives, and among

Nine Entertainment Company (NEC) has acquired Microsoft’s 50 per cent share of Mi9 – the successor to NineMSN. The relationship between the two companies will continued however, as Microsoft has signed a long term strategic relationship giving NEC access to Redmond’s technology stack  as well as its advertising products. As

Andy Grove of Intel said, famously, that “only the paranoid survive”. Grove was an early player in the digital game of differentiate or die. Now we hear a lot about the technological paranoia of business leaders. But not always in a good way. The effects of technological change may seem

Sometimes the internet reveals strange and uncomfortable connections, as some of Australia’s biggest advertisers are about to discover to their cost. Every day in Britain the music industry asks Google to remove 35000 search results from its index for companies which have violated the copyright of its members. Annually the

Enterasys CMO Vala Afshar‘s recent slideshare presentation is on fire. (See below) Called “50 Powerful Statistics About Tech Mega Trends Affecting Every Business” it contains fifty useful and fascinating factoids about current market trends, most of which are hard to fault. Earlier today in a Linkedin post Afshar noted that

Here’s what we have learnt about Twitter from it’s IPO filing. The company has 218 million active monthly users up from 151 million a year ago. It has about 100 million daily active users. We also know that it generated revenues of $US254 million in the first six months of

In the world of real things, real companies often lag far behind the trend curve, even when the trend is smack-you-in-the-face obvious. A new study by Appcelerator, for instance shows enterprises still clearly fixated on the iOS phenomenon of 2011 and 12, even though the market has clearly and aggressively pivoted to