Productivity, Education and Navigation provide the best user-paid returns in the Apple app market, while News, Games and Social Networking remain in thrall of the freemium model. Indeed, news media remains hooked on inventory and audience volume to an extent unmatched by other categories, despite two decades of crippling disruption.

It was Gartner who first belled the cat on the growing importance of the CMO as the technology buyer du jour with its prediction that by 2016 marketing would spend more on IT than the IT department. The researcher’s long time rivals IDC where slower off the block – in

In 2003 Myspace emerged from the wreckage of the dotcom catastrophe of three years earlier to herald the resurgence of the internet sector, and the birth of social networking at genuine scale. It enjoyed a brief moment in the sunshine until Rupert Murdoch bought it in 2005 and brutalised it

John Birmingham has been writing for a living since he was 19*.  He is an author, blogger and very occasionally a reporter, although such distinctions are fairly arbitrary these days. In an age of journalistic melancholy his success, and that lovely house on the hill overlooking Brisbane where he first

Australians have no guaranteed constitutional right to free speech, and those rights that do exist elsewhere in the country’s laws tend to be derivative. However, the Federal Court in NSW has discovered a right to free speech on social media — at least to some extent. The judgment handed down

Facebook’s IPO was a shambles and retail investors were done like a roast dinner. The share price flopped and took another 15 months to get its head above water. Stories emerged afterwards that the bankers withheld critical information from the punters. And it didn’t help that the same bankers pushing

Choose any large number you care to imagine and it’s probably not big enough to describe what is coming at us in the gathering era of the internet of things. Let’s just start with all those things themselves and how many there are likely to be. Cisco says 50 billion

To effectively tap into the digital opportunity and succeed, organisations need a sound digital strategy. The digital strategy would encompass how the organisation would leverage internet, mobile, social and related technologies to serve its customers. The strategy would not only cover what features/capabilities the organisation delivers for its customers but

San Francisco is the hottest spot in the world for Hadoop jobs, with more open roles than the next four cities combined, but New York pays better. Hadoop is the software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications – which for the rest of us means it’s used to underpin seriously

Google has upped the stakes in its battle with a consortia of companies lead by Nokia (or more accurately Microsoft now) for dominance in indoor mapping around the world. It has just released the first wave of interactive mass transit location maps for 65 locations around the world, everything from