What would you rather dominate – global ecommerce or photo sharing? The Chinese appear to have arrived at an answer to that question that is different to Silicon Valley’s notorious Frat Boys brains trust. Fin-tech is not the Valley’s strong suite while outfits like McKinsey & Company have previously noted

There is the germ of an idea inside the much maligned Princeton study equating Facebook to a disease and predicting its terminal decline. What’s more Facebook’s strategy seems to acknowledge an inconvenient truth. Social networks lit up with predictable chatter over the last two weeks following the release of a

  Cities turning smart, companies turning tech and the BBC board turning off a 100 million pound digital transformation disaster dominated readership on Which-50 this week. A report from last week into the aggressive moves by China’s ecommerce leaders into banking also surged again thanks to distribution by FST Media.

Despite its recent and well publicised deal with Samsung, Google has cause for concern about its ability to corral all the players in the Android ecosystem. A new report by ABI Research reveals that not only are one in four Android devices now shipping with forked versions of the operating

Digital transformation? It turns out we are only getting started. IBM’s advice to the C-Suite of its global client base is to prepare for even more radical transformation and disruption as business shifts from the current customer centric model of the last 25 years towards the  ”everyone to everyone” (E2E)

The world is turning into the technology industry – or at least the business world is according to a new global survey of CEO’s by PWC The study called the 17th Annual Global CEO Survey, finds “CEOs are coming to realize that no matter their industry, they must now think

The internet industry is obsessed with youth in a way that is fundamentally different to other sectors. The simple reason is that its leaders and brightest stars often emerge into community consciousness in their early twenties. Compare that to finance or manufacturing where more often than not you need to

Digital business incompetence will cause a quarter of businesses to lose their market position by 2017 and one in four current market leaders will have surrendered their market position to companies founded after 2000, according to research outfit Gartner. In a post on the role of IT leaders called “Are CIO’s

It’s all about the ecosystem. As Google’s Android has risen inexorably, Microsoft has lost control of the operating system game on which it built its vast fortune and authority. The ecosystem Microsoft built around Windows – and in particular the profits generated by its Office products and its lock on the

Mark Zuckerberg once famously observed that the iPad was not a mobile device. At the time that was a brave call given how spectacularly Apple’s tablet had burst onto the stage. Since then the evidence of its usage patterns has favored the Facebook chief’s assessment.) And now further evidence suggests