The recent IBM report called “Advancing Mobility: the new frontier of smarter transportation” is a useful overview of the state of the mobility industry. But it makes a fatal assertion: “Remember that the primary function of automotive companies is to make vehicles.” This assumption may well sink any broad-based car

Google’s two greatest enemies are hubris and antitrust. Fear and company culture have kept the first in check, but nothing will ever sate the hungry lawyers. The world’s greatest dotcom should prepare for decades of litigation in a war without end — something the tech sector’s last great monopolist, Microsoft,

“Gradually, then suddenly.” That’s how Hemingway described the ill fortune of a bankrupt in The Sun also Rises. It should probably be required reading for any incumbent in a digitally disruptable market. But who has time to read a book these days — or even a Kindle? Instead, here are

Imagine the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Financial Times and the Australian Financial Review all rolled into one and then giganticised by powerful alien steroids. Welcome to LinkedIn, which broke through 300 million users for the first time at the end of April. The company says those

The Commonwealth Government’s National Commission of Audit has recommended the adoption of a “digital by default” strategy to accelerate e-government initiatives under the control of a chief digital officer. The Audit Commission today brought down over 80 recommendations for the Government to consider at it looks to return the federal

When it comes to media minutes consumed in the USA, the decline in print media is accelerating, radio doesn’t look much healthier, and even TV is starting to decay as a channel. Mobility, on the other hand, is still growing strongly — although not as quickly as a year ago.

Twitter achieved a small bump in its number of active monthly users in Q1, but smaller than the markets wanted — and the trend decline continues. It’s the perennial question for the big dotcoms: do you chase users, or do you chase dollars? Either way, you will be punished —

More than 30 companies with private funding are valued at over a billion dollars. And three — Airbnb, Xiaomi, and Dropbox — now carry valuations in excess of $US10 billion. According to business intelligence service Statista, “Since many private startups decided to put off their IPOs and opt for larger

Much was made of Facebook’s billion monthly mobile users after its recent quarterly report. But if you focus too much on the mothership, you miss the real magic. That’s because Zuckerberg’s Curse is transforming from a hub to a portfolio of properties, each more impressive than its nearest rival. It’s

Well that was quick. The FCC, having lost a court ruling earlier this year, appears to have abandoned the long held (and by many deeply cherished) idea that all traffic on the Internet should be treated equally. Instead, the Black Hats appear to have won. A report in the NYTimes