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Boardroom Ventures, owner of Boardroom Media and has taken a strategic interest in data company Eight Dragons Digital Pty Ltd which holds an Australian opt-in consumer dataset of approximately 14.2 million Australians with detailed audience segmentation. In addition to its Australian data Eight Dragons holds over 200 million records

One problem for many organisations is that they do not really understand the threats they are facing, and therefore don’t understand what risk controls to select and implement. That lack of understanding is often compounded by insufficient investment in cyber threat intelligence acquisition and cyber security controls. It is important

Spare us this rare indulgence. Which-50 turned eight today. But in fact, the idea first germinated two years earlier, while I was writing a lengthy analysis on how the death of the newspaper industry was entirely predictable from the earliest moments of the web.  This analysis was published in November

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Research from Gartner overnight released projections in which it predicts IT spending to grow to $US4.1 trillion worldwide in 2021, and to $A98.3 billion in Australia — up 4.1 per cent.  This growth spans across IT sectors including data centre systems, enterprise software, devices, IT services and communications services.  The

While artificial intelligence and machine learning projects increasingly exercise the minds of technology leaders, many organisations find it difficult to scale their initial pilot or proof of concept project widely across the enterprise. Tim Fountaine, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, and head of the company’s specialist advanced analytics arm,

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A year of global upheaval and accelerated digital transformation is driving exponential growth in the rate at which information is created, stored and shared. “And all of that information needs data centres to store it, power it, secure it, and make it available,” says NEXTDC CEO, Craig Scroggie. “We are

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As flexibility and remote working requirements have increased due to COVID, so too has our reliance on Cloud technology.  Microsoft Cloud specialist Rapid Circle has improved its offering to Australian enterprise customers through the acquisition of Insync Technology, a specialist Microsoft modern workplace partner. According to Stewart Bairstow, Australian CEO

The data from a very significant data breach at Facebook from 2019 re-emerged over the weekend. It involved the leaking of personal details of more than 533 million users, including 7 million Australians. Facebook applied the “nothing to see here” defence, saying the leak was old.  Information including full names,

We’ve never been strangers to disruption in the supply chain, but lately, we keep getting hit with ones we just didn’t expect. In some cases, cascading disruptions like the winter storm in Texas caused utilities to fail, knocking out critical upstream capacity in petrochemicals and semiconductors. This failure, in turn,

Show me a business that hasn’t been challenged to adapt and innovate due to COVID-19.  Over the last 18 months, businesses have had to alter their strategic intent to cater for an era of homebound customers, social distancing, remote working, customer anxiety, newness, supply chain issues, and an unpredictable environment.