Samsung payment service, Samsung Pay has updated its platform allowing users to tap on to Opal terminals throughout NSW. It allows users to set a default payment card to tap on and off Opal terminals with their phone while still locked. The new feature will be available to Australian users

Several Australian traveltech companies have merged in a bid to crate the region’s leading online marketplace for outdoor tourism, merging holiday bookings with travel and tourism information into a single experience. TH2 owned companies, Roadtrippers Australia and CamperMate have joined with GoSeeAustralia and Outdoria, in a deal involving cash and

The question of whether technology is good or bad depends on how it’s developed and used. Nowhere is that more topical than in technologies using artificial intelligence. When developed and used appropriately, artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the way we live, work, communicate and travel. New AI-enabled

The University of Sydney has been awarded for its use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Announced at Blue Prism World in London, the University’s Automation and Innovation (AI) Hub has been awarded Blue Prism Rookie of the Year in recognition of its service improvement project which has allowed the University

Many workers are surprisingly sanguine about the impact of automation on their jobs according to a survey of 5,000 business decision makers and knowledge workers. It reveals the majority of the latter (83 per cent) are comfortable with reskilling in order to work alongside the digital workforce. The study was

Ernst & Young and Blue Prism announced a strategic alliance deepening their relationship in the robot process automation market. The deal was announced at last weeks Blue Prism World event. The relationship is expected to extend to additional EY network member firms across EMEIA in the coming months. Sign up

Nobody likes Nazis. Even Nazis aren’t super keen to be associated with them, which is why euphemisms like “ethno-nationalist” and “right-wing extremist” start trending whenever some white supremacist mouth-breather breaks into the news cycle. Increasingly, however, white supremacist mouth-breathers are the news cycle. From genuine monsters, live-streaming mass atrocities in

Technology is becoming a competitive advantage for franchisors and a motivating factor for existing business owners to convert to a franchise model. And with the right platform in place, franchisees can finally take a holiday. That’s the view of Poolwerx CEO John O’Brien, a former chair of the World Franchise

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Robot process automation specialist Blue Prism outlined its connected-RPA vision at its conference in London this week, announcing new capabilities and enhancements to its software. The new platform capabilities include a beta intelligent document processing program, enhanced open source and community engagement features, as well as support for Google Analytics

The federal government passed its controversial social media laws this afternoon through its Sharing of Violent and Abhorrent Media Bill. The new laws establish unprecedented criminal penalties for internet companies and their executives if platforms fail to quickly remove abhorrent content. The laws are part of the political response to