It took Which-50 seven minutes to find an app that would enable us to stream the Socceroos v. Chile through Apple TV on the staff room flat screen TV. Of course, by the time we did, the ’Roos’ 2014 World Cup campaign was already dead on the field. The point

Microsoft long ago lost control of the browser market, where it once commanded over 80 per cent market share. Now it has also lost market share leadership in the US. Chrome’s moment has arrived. (Chrome is already dominant outside of the US due to the popularity of Android devices.) According

The world will add more than three and a half billion new smartphone subscriptions before the end of the decade — with the Asia Pacific region contributing to more than half the growth, according to a new report by Ericsson. By 2019, there will be over nine billion total mobile subscriptions

People are notoriously bad at making hiring decisions. So says Greta Roberts, CEO of the Cambridge, Massachussetts-based predictive analytics outfit Talent Analytics. “It’s the reason we are up to our eyes in attrition work and performance work.” Roberts  is speaking at the Association for Data-driven Marketing & Advertising (ADMA) BI

LinkedIn Premium is the clear preference for intelligence gathering for sales professionals, according to a study by crowdsourcing site G2 Crowd. Only two other companies — Capital IQ and DiscoverOrg — are playing the in the same ball park, and nobody else is even in the car park. Sales intelligence

Can smartphone app development be democratized, commoditized and simplified to such an extent that even smaller suburban businesses can find a home on iOS and Android? That seems to be where platform development is headed. Dutch-headquartered JMango360 is certainly out to test that proposition. The company has taken a previously

If we have to explain who Mary Meeker is, or why she matters, you may be in the wrong place. But just in case you weren’t paying attention for the last 20 years, Meeker is a legend in the Internet analyst industry — one of the few genuine stars beyond

Those of a more cynical disposition — for instance people wearing suits in the music industry — have long understood that you don’t make money by making music. You make it by using music — for jingles, movie scores and through other licensing opportunities. Even selling music one piece at

Digital is the new universal language of business, and technology is not an enabler but rather a source of innovation and opportunity, according to a paper by research outfit Gartner. In the paper, called “Six steps to build a digital business,” the authors — Ken McGee, Diana Morella and Lee

The Internet sector’s biggest names (including Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter) are fighting back against plans to scrap net neutrality — the practice of treating all users equally on the Internet. Recent court rulings, and commentary from new FCC chief (and former cable industry lobbyist) Tom Wheeler, suggests