“Your next CEO should be your CMO,” says Milosh Milisavljevic, Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, emphasising the idea that companies need to be much more customer- and market-oriented today. Milisavljevic made his comments on the importance of marketing at the ADMA Global Forum last week, in a presentation entitled

Inevitable Boy Band love-ins aside, this week’s KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Retweet Report delivers an eclectic mix of interests. It’s everything from criticism of a new Qantas password UX, to debates over Work for the Dole and Indigenous politics, culminating in Tim Cahill apparently stirring somebody about the English Premier League. Each

Stronger than expected revenues, profits and — critically — user growth led to an extraordinary run on Twitter shares overnight, with the stock spiking more than 30 per cent at one point. Revenues tipped the scales at $US312 million — almost ten per cent above the Street’s expectations — and

Tech outfits like Adobe, Salesforce, Teradata and Akamai feature very heavily in a study identifying the world’s most socially engaged companies, based on an analysis of LinkedIn data. Engagement matters, with the study — and subsequent research by Gallup and Altimeter Group — revealing that engaged companies are better at

Apple invented the tablet market when it released the iPad in 2010 — and presaged the end the of the PC era at the same time. Now it appears that the standard-bearer of the tablet revolution — the iPad — may have passed its moment. So why is Apple not

Twitter is defined by the big moment — and by celebrity — and this week’s most popular retweet combined both, when Australian hockey player Jayde Taylor’s post from the Commonwealth Games was conveniently photobombed by Queen Elizabeth. Seriously. you can’t take her anywhere. Each Monday KINSHIP digital and Which-50 take

WHICH 50 : The Chatter Report: a global digital consumer survey, the most socially engaged companies, big data and BYOD Accenture’s global digital consumer survey, Forrester’s views on BYOD and big data, a McKinsey report into how governments can help startups, and a LinkedIn study into socially engaged companies were

Referral networks and informal power players are rarely exposed in organisational charts. Quiet achievers are often pushed into the background, and often that is where they are most comfortable. For business, though, that is not always or even often the best outcome. Social network analysis (SNA) seeks to reveal the stars.

Creating beautiful customer experiences and successfully executing a digital transformation program is — sadly — very difficult. The truth is that the boys and girls in the glasshouse have to do some really heavy lifting, a Forrester report suggests. The study is actually a classic piece of Forrester Wave research

“We had a good second quarter,” says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. And then some — Facebook reported a 61 per cent revenue surge for the quarter, and net profits more than doubled to $US791 million as the company continued to make great strides in the global mobile advertising market. Total