Barely a day goes by without senior business and political leaders extolling the importance of improving productivity in the Australian economy.  And with good reason.  Productivity improvement occurs when more outputs are generated from the same level of inputs.  Along with population growth and an increasing percentage of the population

Welcome to Which-50’s first Deepdive Report — a joint initiative between KINSHIP digital and Which-50 in which we track the social chatter on major trends in the digital marketplace to reveal the key voices driving industry debate. CRM and associated systems such as data analytics and marketing technology are growing

Sometimes it is easy to forget that we are barely at the start of the smartphone revolution. New figures from a quarterly research report by Ericsson, however, put today’s numbers into sharp relief. According to Ericsson, over the next six years smartphone subscriptions around the world will increase from the

Twitter rang the bell on Nasdaq overnight (AEST) and the stock immediately popped. It is up 83 per cent at the time of writing. That’s lovely for people who bought in the morning and sold in the evening.  Just like it was for a lucky few with the Groupon IPO,

You only get a small moment in the sun, as Apple discovered this week when its profits slipped for the first time in a decade. The caravan quickly moves on. So much for sentimentality. It had already conceded its status as the world’s biggest business months earlier. To add to

As Twitter closes in on its date with the public markets, some of the scrutiny is proving decidely uncomfortable. We have written before about how pitching Twitter as the anti-Facebook IPO is a dangerous strategy for the company’s bankers to pursue — especially since Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and JP Morgan

More proof, as if any where needed, that the web is a visual medium. The three fastest growing apps in the world over the last year were Vine, Flickr and Instagram, and Vine especially is the runaway success, growing 403 per cent (albeit of a lower base than the other

Australian web sites will be audited using Comscore, after a late attempt by incumbent Nielsen was rejected by the Audited Media Association of Australia.Which-50 understands that Nielsen attempted to re-enter the process in recent months having at first refused to participate. However after the company made it clear it did

The Internet of Things, Digital DNA and Gartner’s strategic planning assumptions were the most popular stories for Which-50’s senior digital executive audience this week. (Image: Peter Sondergaard. Source: Linkedin)  And our story from late September about the advantages of decision science versus gut feel-based decision making continues to garner a strong

They are aged between 15 and 24 and they have been plugged into the matrix for at least five years. They are the digital natives, and they have another very important characteristic – a very large percentage of them are Chinese. There are 75 million Chinese digital natives, and among