VR was officially born this week, but an older sibling quietly stole its milk and cookies. Virtual Reality has enjoyed a bunch of birthdays this year. Google and Samsung both announced cheap headsets. Sony released an expensive one for the Playstation 4. Even the venerable old kid’s toy ViewMaster released

Google’s little robot cars have had a few bingles. Apple won’t even admit that the hundreds of automotive engineers it’s hired on the open market, or poached from Tesla, are at work on an iCar. But from Detroit to Shanghai, Silicon Valley is already either driving or disrupting the car industry.

Digital transformation represents the third great wave of business disruption, following on from the big changes delivered by front- and back-office systems over the last two decades. That’s the key message from the keynote of Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Marketing Business Unit at Adobe Systems at the

As new technologies drive big business transformation, BCG Digital Ventures’ directors, Vanessa Wolfe-Coote and Craig Boshier, predict the next horizon of innovation will be just as much driven by big businesses as disruptive start-ups. In this article they discuss how big businesses can jump-start their operations to become the new

Each year Which-50 reports on the results of the The Harvey Nash/KPMG CIO Survey, which is the world’s largest study of the priorities, strategies and careers of technology leaders. If you are an Australian CIO, IT Director, IT manager or other technology leader, here is your chance to participate. In

Oh great. The world’s internet security professionals are increasingly worried about what they are calling the Internet of Evil Things. These concerns stem from the risks posed by connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices — a problem which is set to grow, even as resources and visibility into such connected

Peer-to-peer lending is rightly portrayed as a significant disruptor of the financial services club. The peer-to-peer lenders have grown rapidly since the middle of the last decade as more traditional sources of funds — the banks — were forced by circumstances and regulation to tighten their lending requirements. The end result

Which-50 is starting  a new column: Startup in Focus. Each week we will profile a startup and speak to the founders about their idea. This week we look at CloudeNotes, which is building a cloud-based permission management system for schools and other institutions that care for children. Anyone who has

Perhaps it’s time to consider the digital mortgage. Two thirds of millennials would rather visit the dentist than go through the mortgage process, according to recent research by ING. It’s a startling revelation, and indication indeed that the home loan application experience leaves a lot to be desired. If we

Apple does not advise you stick the primary wing feather of a large bird into your iPhone, but the US Government is insisting on doing just that anyway. It won’t be good for your phone. The All Writs Act, the nail-studded legislative club with which the FBI intends to beat