Here it is in such simple terms that even the Board of Directors at a bank can understand. It’s the Loan Book, Stupid. Lending constitutes one third of the revenues of a typical retail bank, but recent analysis by Bain & Company and SAP Value Management Center finds that “…most banks have digitalized

Business will become much more algorithm lead, and the change is coming quickly according to the technology industry analysts at Gartner. Releasing its Gartner Predicts 2016 program the analysts write, “Digital transformation has become a key factor in future business growth and success. The digital revolution is about consumer behavior

For a medium that can be so in your face Twitter can also deliver something of slow painful burn, as pharmaceutical outfit Merck is now discovering. The company is being pursued by consumers who believe some of its drugs are doing lasting harm. And the micro-blogging network is giving them

The digerati are using the New Year’s break to catch up on their reading with MIT Sloan Management Review’s (MIT SMR) “Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation” enjoying a revival over the break and dominating the first Chatter report of the year. Each week Which-50 and KINSHIP digital study the

Nearly one in 10 people around the world now own a smart watch with the strongest growth in the Asia Pacific region. However for now, more premium brands like Apple and Samsung are missing out as lower cost options – often as cheap as $US20 flood the market, according to web

You interests in business transformation were an eclectic mix this year. For our final post of the year please enjoy a review of our seven most popular stories of the year. Which-50 will return on January 7th, 2015. This Is What Big Data Really Looks Like: CERN, The Universe And

Leaders eat, but laggards are meat. What do lean, nimble predators understand that large lumbering prey ignore? In the world of business the thick black line between life and death can be summed up in two simple words: technology and training. That’s the finding of a piece of research by

“Our product is simple but our logistics and product life cycle are very complex.” So says Ethan Nyholm, owner, co-founder and CEO of STM Bags, neatly encapsulating why the 17 year old company has shifted its core systems into NetSuite’s cloud. STM bags started life in a bedroom in Bondi in 1999

A clear majority of Australians are dissatisfied current digital government initiatives according to a new survey released by Accenture. According to the management consultants, “More than two-thirds (79 per cent) of Australians are not using digital services because they: are unaware about what services are available; have concerns about the


Consumers take a while to fuel, but when they get a tank full all bets are off. That’s one lesson of digital disruption to date. Management consultants refer to it as the boiling frog moment: slow raises in competitive heat go unnoticed – and suddenly the frog is cooked. Cable