One year after the first COVID lockdown, research from HireVue suggests that Australian HR leaders are prioritising diversity and inclusion, as well as automating the hiring process.  The HireVue Global Hiring Landscape surveyed 1100 hiring leaders in Australia, the US and the UK to better understand how the hiring process

Booktopia, Australia’s largest online book seller, has announced a strategic partnership with Zookal, one of the leading educational technology platforms in the Asia-Pacific region. The deal will see Booktopia become Zookal’s fulfilment partner for physical books, from a catalogue of over 185,000 titles.  This will strengthen Booktopia’s already significant reach

Research by Gartner shows that global PC shipments have increased this year, as a result of overcoming the 2020 supply chain disruption and the demand from remote workforces. With global PC shipments increasing by 32 per cent from Q1 of 2020, the market has recorded its fastest year-over-year growth in at

Accounting software business MYOB this week announced a strategic investment and multi-year partnership with business-to-business transactional funder Butn Limited. The deal provides MYOB with a fully integrated invoice funding solution, assisting businesses in managing cashflow and driving growth. The undisclosed investment forms part of Butn’s successful $12.5 million funding round

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have brutally exposed the fault lines in the global economy, with large parts of the world’s workforce trapped in precarious and insecure work. On top of the devastating toll of death and disease, hundreds of millions of jobs have been lost and more than

Who says Australia’s boards are anchored to old ways of thinking. All it took was a global pandemic to drag corporate Australia  into the 21st century last year with listed companies, for the first time, hosting entirely virtual Annual General Meetings (AGMs).  Computershare, a share registry that claims it manages

Even as digital transformation contributes to intensifying climate change due to burgeoning energy consumption, Australian CIOs are missing in action.  Hyperscalers and data centre operators are hoping they can change that, but at least initially it looks like they have a hard row to hoe just to engage IT executives,

Brands should think of the $US200 billion gaming industry not as a series of channels but as a form of entertainment, around which a unique set of consumer behaviours has evolved. That’s our key take away from a new report by Essence, a global data and measurement-driven media agency which

Supply chain disruption due to COVID-19 is creating major issues with automotive parts availability within Australia at present and impacts on repairers, service centres and restorers. The primary problem involves getting specialised parts in from overseas such as Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Japan, and France. Countries affected by COVID-19 responded

As digital transformation accelerates, data centers are consuming an increasing amount of the world’s energy. In this second of a three part Minicast series, we asked Craig Scroggie, the CEO of NEXTDC what challenges his customers face addressing this rising carbon footprint of the data centres, and what can they