With budgets already strained by COVID-19, Marketers must find new sources of funding for efforts to address customers’ top of mind concerns – such as social justice and community health and safety. Not only have customers’ needs and behaviors shifted in response to the pandemic, but so have their expectations

Programmatic creative management platform Bonzai has announced a new partnership with Adobe Advertising Cloud. Indeed, around 200 sites are already using the integrated solution across Australia, New Zealand, and South-East Asia. The deal will enable marketers and advertisers who use Adobe Advertising Cloud to access Bonzai’s creative formats for their

Marketers remain the gimlet-eyed optimists of the management team, believing the worst of the economic impact of COVID-19 will pass quickly. The bosses, however, do not agree, according to Gartner’s annual CMO Survey which was released overnight. “Gartner data from a poll of CFOs showed that the majority (almost 60

The value of transactions processed by virtual cards will more than treble over the next 5 years; increasing from an anticipated $1.6 trillion in 2020. The findings are contained in a new report from Juniper Research Virtual cards are temporary, random digital card numbers that replace core payment details for

Magnite debuts today on the Nasdaq, following the merger between Rubicon Project and Telaria in April 2020 to create what the companies claim is the largest independent sell-side advertising platform. The merged entity combines Rubicon Project’s expertise as a scaled programmatic exchange with Telaria’s CTV capabilities, according to the parties.

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Results from the latest The CMO Survey reveal that Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital tools among companies and customers. At a headline level though, the report which studies the views of US CMOs, unsurprisingly reveals well-founded pessimism about the US economy. Respondents were somewhat less pessimistic about the

Australian Red Cross has implemented a new solution to automate administrative tasks and to unify the experience of its 270,000 clients, donors, members and volunteers, using the Boomi platform. By automating previously manual and onerous administrative tasks, it was able to divert more resources to critical services. The platform has

Startup hub Stone & Chalk says it has set a new strategic direction to address the needs of the emerging technology ecosystem at a critical time for the tech industry in Australia. The not-for-profit will provide commercialisation, mentorship, customer acquisition, capital raising, advocacy, and growth development support to startup founders

The future of jobs has been used to justify the major changes to university education announced last week. Fees for courses that, according to the government, lead to jobs with a great future will fall, while those with a poor future will rise. But can the government predict the jobs of the

When it comes to stopping the spread of misinformation, Australia is heading down the road of self-regulation, and a set of rules that the companies who currently propagate that misinformation will likely help to draft. What could possibly go wrong? This morning the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has