This week the Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey won a phyrric victory in a defamation case against a newspaper publisher not for the articles which were published about him but on the basis of tweets which linked to the articles. Although commentators said that there is little novel about the ruling

Participants in global capital markets face the stark threat of mass democratisation due to digitally enabled movements such as crowd funding and peer to peer lending according to the World Economic Forum . Membership of the club is no longer a guarantee of success. Indeed, as Which-50 reported last month, Crowdfunders

Spending by US banks on digital transformation will grow at an average CAGR of 10.4 per cent into 2019, according to IDC Financial Insights spending models. The research outfit found that retail banks (including thrifts and credit unions) in the U.S. will spend nearly $16.6B on hardware, software, services, and

The rapid transition of Australia’s largest telco (and the country’s sixth biggest company) to a digital lead customer service regime crossed a key threshold when for the first time the majority of service transactions were performed using digital channels. Writing on a company blog, Telstra Digital, Executive Director Gerd Schenkel

H.G. Wells  artilleryman in War of the Worlds said it all. “This isn’t a war. It never was a war, any more than there’s war between man and ants.” Imagine how those comfortable, well paid TV execs are feeling. An alien invasion has just wiped out their finest audiences and

The big Hollywood vision of completely interactive and intuitive digital technology might not be knocking on the door quite yet, but it’s not far from the end of the street. A recent report by consulting giant Accenture called “The Era of Living Services” has set its gaze beyond the internet

Everyone’s talking about customer centricity. We know it’s critical. We know it’s the key to capturing a fickle audience of consumers. And we know we need to invest in it. But Australian organisations need a paradigm shift in their thinking on how they transform the customer experience to create real

Follow the eyeballs. It’s a fundamental strategy in publishing, and now it’s reshaping the future of smartphones and marketing. The reason? A tremendous showdown between Google Now and Apple Siri. The technorati are pondering which tech giant makes the best digital assistant, and it’s time marketers sat up and paid

The four biggest ways the global economy is being transformed, the primacy of talent and technology, and the impact of emotion on customer loyalty exercised the minds of the research class around the world in the last week, according to the latest KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report. Accenture, Forrester, Gartner and

Adobe will deliver the power of the crowd to its crowd in the latest major overhaul of its Creative Suite offering. In addition to integrating the 40 million images into Creative Cloud from the fotolia image library which it acquired last year, Adobe will also facilitate the sale of crowd-sourced