Zuckerberg turns his gaze upon the Telco sector Softly, softly catch a monkey. Mark Zuckerberg is turning the screws slowly on the global telecommunications sector using the messaging app that he spectacularly paid $US19 billion for a little over a year ago. Whatsapp has already ripped a billion dollars in

With little fan fare Uber and the cause of disruption generally achieved a unique and telling milestone this month when the number of Uber cars in New York city over took the population of the Big Apple’s iconic yellow cab fleet. But the cabbies still hold a clear lead in

The rising tide of consumer expectations is outstripping the insurance’s industry’s capacity to deliver, leading to big declines in customer experience ratings over the last 12 months according to Capgemini’s World Insurance Report. In fact the study found that while agency channels delivered positive experiences, digital actually dragged down the sector’s

They are the goat in the snake, a large lumpy demographic at the start of their journey and they will increasingly dictate the kinds of apps and services that emerge in the online world. Not surprisingly the countries with the largest youth cohorts are in the developing world. These are

US video streaming service, Netflix, has revealed it won’t charge local subscribers GST on its services when it launches in Australia next Tuesday. The announcement is yet another hand grenade into the highly combative albeit nascent video streaming industry in Australia. Only yesterday the Seven-Foxtel owned Presto announced a content

Well over one-third of APAC’s population now uses the internet, and more than one-quarter have used social media in the past 30 days. That is just one stat from what was an impressive year for the digital industry in Asia-Pacific last year. Indeed all key areas showed considerable growth according to

Twenty years after it disrupted the newspaper game online recruitment specialist Seek now finds itself having to bend its model to the will of a rampant, global insurgent – in this case Linkedin. For the first time the company will charge its recruitment industry clients to access its databases via

Plans for a world class Australian Fintech hub took a huge leap forward this week with the announcement of the location, the initial corporate partners, and the first chairman – former AMP chief Craig Dunn. To be called Stone and Chalk  fintech hub is an independent, not-for-profit entity which was created

As many have long expected, business media are showing the way in establishing profitable paths in the digital market. This week’s financials show confidence-building trends. Long gone are the train smash years when fabulous properties like The Financial Times saw their profitability crushed by fashionable forays into expensive, valueless web

Go on admit it. Justin, Selena, Harry and Faze Rain. Secretly you can’t help yourself, but don’t be alarmed. It turns out that a third of us have visited a celebrity’s Twitter feed and fully one quarter have retweeted their celebral contributions to human knowledge. Celebrity is the core busienss