Twitter has continued its strong revenue growth performance, doubling its result on last year. More importantly, the company added over 13 million active monthly users — comfortably beating expectations on its key weakness. Profits were in line with expectations, with the company delivering an EBITDA of $US68 billion. Of all

  The Australian Twittersphere delivered a remarkably eclectic mix of conversation starters this week. There were, of course the usual Boy Band entreaties (One Direction took the honours this week versus 5SOS and the Biebster). But in fact it was that old rocker herself — Her Maj — who came

Apple reported quarterly revenues of $US37.4 billion and profits of $US7.7 billion. Strong iPhone 6 sales helped boost the result and, in a sign of the resilience of its mobile ecosystem, App Store downloads surged from 60 billion a year ago to 85 billion now. According to CEO Tim Cook

Marissa Mayer is sitting atop a cash mountain of over $US12 billion at Yahoo, in part fueled by the recent sales of a big chunk of its Alibaba holding. What she does with the loot will determine if the optimism and sense of renewal (and, frankly, the fawning and sycophancy)

  “How can a robust digital transformation strategy enable any business to rise to the next level?” Asking that question lead to IT consulting outfit CapTech emerging as the world’s most influential digital transformation conversation starter in the social streams over the last seven days, according to our latest digital

The rich are different to you and me – they have lots of money. And when they want something, invariably they tend to get it. So it is with digital services to manage their finances. Overwhelmingly Asia Pacific’s wealthy expect most or all of their wealth management relationship to be

Facebook launched on February 4, 2004. Today it has over 1.3 billion registered users, the vast majority of whom engage with the site every month (and indeed most days). Twitter launched two years and one month later, and it is still languishing below 300 million registered users.  That two year

Google’s Q3 revenues increased 20 per cent — to $US16.5 billion — compared the corresponding quarter last year. However net income was down slightly, to $US2.81 billion. In terms of the composition of its revenues, the various Google sites delivered 68 per cent of the loot, while partners brought in

Predictions are always a bad idea where technology is involved, but that doesn’t stop people making them and — these days on social media — sharing them. So it proved this week, as a tweet by the World Economic Forum was the most active social share in our weekly digital

In case there was any doubt, Time Warner and Amazon have taken steps to make absolutely clear their intent to change the game in entertainment. In an effective put-down of Rupert Murdoch’s recent bid for the company, Time Warner produced third-quarter results that turned a three per cent revenue gain