You read the headline correctly – ninety per cent.  Well let me qualify that and say that that 90 per cent includes those organisations that also try to take advantage of a digital disruption opportunity and are not successful. Nevertheless it’s still a big number, so here is how we

Companies are still struggling to apply data in support of broader business objectives, even while recognising its primacy as a competitive advantage. That’s the headline from a report by the Winterberry Group, IAB and Oracle Marketing Cloud. Called “Data as a competitive advantage“, the report notes that Big Data has

Stories that write themselves, toasters that call customer support, and digital vandalism all caught the imagination of the digerati this week, courtesy of Gartner’s top ten digital predictions. Each week Which-50 and KINSHIP digital study the global social stream to identify most influential social chatter around digital research. This week

There’s a glorious irony about Apple News, a new app that’s popped up in the iOS ecosystem. Like most Apple products, it’s beautiful, intuitive and clever. News junkies like me can hand pick news channels to read, tap into topic-based threads, and happily scroll away through an the endless stream

When the iPad burst onto the scene in 2010 its momentum was such that pundits almost immediately argued that its arrival presaged the end of the PC era.  Tablets were the future in a world gone mobile. Alas, tablets like the iPad where never especially mobile – a point Mark

Speaking at the 2016 upfronts – which was notable for the absence of Nine boss David Gyngell who was reportedly attending a funeral -Wiltshire said that Nine was now “the new network”, which was finally embracing programmatic, collecting first-party data and live streaming “the majority” of its content. Wiltshire also said that

It’s probably the best line we have read in a piece of content marketing for ages. Oracle’s Michael Hicken’s writing in a Forbes Voice column says that complaints by disrupted industries and by the grandstanding regulators who protect them, are examples of failing market participants “rising to the defense of

Apple’s $US53 billion profit for 2015 has blown away the record previously held by Exxon which achieved US45.2 billion in 2008. Who’d have thought tax avoidance on a global and vastly immoral scale and choosing business partners whose behaviour would make a robber baron blush, could work so well. According

In the face of the digital disruption wrought by Fintech bankers have leapt from lethargy to despair in the blink of an eye. How else to interpret the findings of a new Economist Intelligence Unit report. According to the study called, “The Disruption of Banking” the good news – of you

Despite bricks and mortar retail coming back into vogue of late and the launch of major overseas fashion labels into the local landscape a new survey of Aussie retail says most brands are so crap at it they’re best shutting their doors and going fully online. And the main concern –