Earlier this week the head British spook publicly bemoaned the unwillingness of social media companies to get on board with its goal of further violating the privacy rights of its own citizens. His gripe is that the bad guys are using social media to talk to each other, and Facebook

  Amongst the usual flim flam there was even a little substance — or egregious political bias, depending on your perspective — in the local Twitterverse this week. But One Direction’s decision to play the ARIAs was always going to come out on top. Each Monday, KINSHIP digital and Which-50

More evidence, as if any were needed, of the mobile ascendancy — with YouTube recently revealing that a majority of its traffic now comes from mobile devices. For Google that is unambiguously good news as it sits at the nexus of two of the digital sector’s hottest trends: mobile and

Within six years half of the human race will be on the mobile web, as 1.6 billion new subscribers join the third of the world’s population already connected, according to a report by the Groupe Special Mobile Association (GSMA), a global body set up to represent the interests of mobile

Are banks losing the battle for talent at the very moment their business models are most under threat from emerging insurgents? A report by The Economist last month revealed a startling decline in the number of top business graduates looking to work for big banks, which are paying less since the

Spare a sympathetic thought for the poor Telecoms industry. A study from research outfit Ovum suggests that, globally, telecoms operators could lose half of their customers in the next 12 months. And the big disruptive driver? Poor quality mobile broadband. According to Ovum’s recently published global survey, “2014 Telecoms Customer

Half of the ten most popular apps in the US are from Google and three are from Facebook, although the Facebook mothership remains the overwhelming first choice. Small wonder, then, that the two companies are raking in the lion’s share of mobile ad spend. Only Apple (Apple Maps) and Pandora

The world may be only one disruptive technology away from attackers gaining a runaway advantage, according to a report by the World Economic Forum. That would usher in a world where the Internet would cease to be a trusted medium for communication or commerce, say the authors. The World Economic

Australian executives remain disconnected from the existential threat of disruption to their businesses and business models, with three quarters indicating they do not believe rapid change is under way in their industry. Indeed their views are some of the most complacent in the world. Sadly, given the ubiquity of this

Mobility continues to be the star performer for Facebook, accounting for the vast majority of its revenue growth. The company delivered a strong result for Q3 2014, doubling its profit on the back of 59 per cent revenue growth. Profits were $US806 million for the quarter on revenues of $US3.2