Facebook gets beaten up occasionally about its teen audience – the view being that the Social Network’s demographic is skewing to and older cohort and ‘the kids’ are finding better ways to occupy their time. Mark Zuckerberg is probably not too worried. Here’s why. The days when Facebook was a

Digital training company Digital Chameleon and Capgemini Australia’s Digital Transformation group have partnered up to help companies expand their digital skill sets – one of the critical weaknesses in the local digital scene. As we first reported last year, Capgemini’s says research it has conducted with MIT  demonstrates that companies

Mostly, and unsurprisingly, tweets are ephemeral — as befits a platform that restricts its members to 140 characters or fewer. But occasionally, Twitter fulfills its extra ordinary promise as it did last week when the world reacted first to the injury and then the death of cricketer Phillip Hughes. The

Here’s the good news: you will love the cut of their jib. All those expensive tech staff hacking away in their work modules are a thoroughly entrepreneurial lot — just the kind of creative, engaged employees you need to help you innovate and transform your company around disruptive business models.

Information wants to be free. People likewise are inclined. The Chinese attempts to play both sides of the Internet fence — benefiting from the economic forces unleashed by digital, but maintaining a monopoly on authority by restricting access to parts of the web — looks decidedly leaky, as analysis by

It’s that time of year again, when predictions get rolled out and the social stream becomes even more crowded with list stories than usual. But they must work, because they filled almost half the top spots in this week’s digital research Chatter Report. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report

Four out of ten Australian companies have experienced a denial of service attack (DDoS ) in the last twelve months.  While most companies have plans in place to mitigate for such an experience almost half have never tested their response and capabilities. And one in five companies have no strategy

Football royalty Real Madrid has embarked on a four-year digital transformation of its operations which will help its huge fan base around the world create customised versions of their experience of the team brand. The story resonated, and pushed a post by Microsoft on its official blog to the very

It’s digital first — well, kinda. Chief information officers in Australia and New Zealand have read the prevailing winds, according to a Gartner survey, with 79 per cent of respondents saying that they need to adapt their leadership style in the next three years in order to respond to the

Ever since the Gen Y’s started marching into the workplace with their mobile devices and Facebook accounts, “Enterprise” leaders became paranoid about time wasting on “non-work” activities, often instituting a plethora of policy attempts to ban the use of social networking applications in the workplace. In recent times however the