For business, disruption is the ‘new black’. How does it work? As smart technology-driven upstarts turn business conventions on their head and attempt to grab market share from incumbents, the Holy Grail is to develop a digital platform that redefines traditional market structures and displaces conventional value streams. Examples abound,

How digital is helping to accelerate Indonesia’s development Indonesia’s quiet economic progress is showing signs of throwing up another tale of digital acceleration. India, for example, gets a lot of attention for its IT expertise and profile of its citizens in everything from Netscape to UNISYS. Yet on one critical

Companies that can successfully assemble and re-assemble themselves quickly to take full advantage of their data and application assets will out compete their peers and give themselves a fighting chance of survival in an increasingly disrupted world according to MuleSoft CTO Uri Sarid. MuleSoft provides a connectivity layer between applications,

Most industries are vulnerable to digital disruption of established business models, including public sector services. The question is whether such industries use the opportunity to reposition in their markets by disrupting themselves, or whether they wait to be disrupted by external forces — with the prospect of a one-way ticket

Stupid is not a great marketing strategy, as a general rule. Twitter might be heavily laden with latte-sipping faux socialists (although less so than you might imagine) but if your core business involves dragging your knuckles along the ground and thinking through your brain stem, it is best avoided. Reclaim

Malcolm Turnbull does it again, topping the pops in our Digital Transformation Chatter Report. Turnbull is the only Australian ever to reach such lofty heights, and now he has done it twice,  this time courtesy of the announcement of the search for the new government digital chief. Each weekday the

Smart watches and fitness bands will dominate the early years of the wearables market — which will grow from under 20 million units shipped last year to over 126 million in just four years’ time. The figures are drawn from an IDC forecast released at the end of March. According

Integration platform specialist MuleSoft has evolved its platform pricing model with a view to helping companies accelerate adoption of its software along with their pay off from the investment. The company is one of the new generation of digital platform providers, in this case offering an integration platform as a

Zuckerberg turns his gaze upon the Telco sector Softly, softly catch a monkey. Mark Zuckerberg is turning the screws slowly on the global telecommunications sector using the messaging app that he spectacularly paid $US19 billion for a little over a year ago. Whatsapp has already ripped a billion dollars in

With little fan fare Uber and the cause of disruption generally achieved a unique and telling milestone this month when the number of Uber cars in New York city over took the population of the Big Apple’s iconic yellow cab fleet. But the cabbies still hold a clear lead in