Digital disruption may be de rigueur as tech marketers seek to co-opt the expression to sell more boxes and code, but we have also noted an important shift among the genuine digerati when it comes to the debate. The conversation has moved beyond the suggestion of transformation as a magical

Get ready for an uncomfortable few years of dislocation as the disruption wrought by digital works its way through the real economy. Leading tech research outfit Gartner has issued its ten top strategic assumptions for clients and the message is basically, strap yourself in and hope you’re on the right

Analytics and marketing applications company, Teradata today announced the acquisition of Appoxee, a mobile marketing Software-as-a-Service provider.  Appoxee will be integrated into the Teradata Integrated Marketing Cloud. The acquisition actually closed on December 17, 2014. Terms of the deal where not disclosed. The company says the acquisition will accelerate its

The ubiquity of digital transformation and the key technologies that underpin it dominated the social chit chat this week, in our first Chatter Report of the year. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report identifies the most influential conversation-starters of the last week across the global social realm, and once

Disruption never left town. It is 14 years since Apple upended the music industry with the launch of iTunes.  Now, the pay per view music category it spawned is itself in gathering retreat. Last year American consumers streamed over 160 billion (yes that’s ‘b’ for billion) songs which includes audio

Where ever you are in the world, if you are reading this article you are now almost as likely to own a Smartphone as a  PC or laptop. There’s also a better than even chance that you own a tablet, and almost one in ten of you already own a

The challenge posed by modern digitization and its lightning fast pace is forcing companies to differentiate and fit at a scale and speed just unimaginable a decade ago. The perennial question is: how can firms get an edge over competition? As Michael Porter has taught us, competitive advantage is not

The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around since 1999 (ref. Kevin Ashton), though it’s garnered more interest recently as the cost of sensors have dropped, and the introduction of IPv6 standards and near ubiquitous internet, have allowed almost anything to be connected. From bins and buses, to cars and homes, and even cows and dogs. By

The digital transformation debate is now sufficiently mature that it is attended by some basic articles of faith, and many of these were on show this week across the Twittersphere, as revealed in our Digital Transformation Chatter Report. Each weekday the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 Chatter Report identifies the most influential conversation-starters

With the introduction of supercomputers such as IBM’s Watson and the SymbioSys underwriting engine, some in the insurance sector fear that underwriters will be replaced by off-the-shelf software. This article aims to discuss all aspects of underwriting, including but not limited to job description, prerequisites, and possibilities in technology advancements.