Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has played a big hand today, spinning out all of the company’s $US40 billion worth of shares in Alibaba into a new independent company called Spinco. “The stock of the new company will be distributed pro rata to Yahoo shareholders, resulting in SpinCo becoming a separate

The most influential and regular voices in the digital transformation debate dominated this week’s Chatter Report with contributions from R Ray Wang, MIT Sloan, Forbes, Tim Hughes, KPMG and Gartner all proving to be important kick starters to the conversations this week. But it was actually a post about a

Bedrock digital technologies such as analytics, mobility and the Internet of Things are ranked as the greatest drivers of disruption for the automotive industry according to a major new report by IBM, its first major study into the sector for seven years. An reinforcing the primacy of the customer in

Barely eight years ago there were no iPhones in the world. None. No Androids either.  Now the figure is closing in on two and a half billion. But do you ever stop to think about the impact. That’s the question Microsoft asked – and answered – in a presentation to

The internet of things really is about things, print is not dead – at least not books, and expect a billion smartphone upgrades. These are just three of the predictions that stand out in Deloitte’s  2015 Technology, Media & Telecommunications Predictions. Not unreasonably the authors say that, “Arguably the bigger challenge

WHICH 50 : Retweet Report: Happy Birthday to Zayn The retweets were all running in One Direction this week as Australia’s Twitter crowd went Boy Band crazy at the start of the year. Blame it on the tepid news cycle if you like but One Direction pretty much dominated the

The digital transformation of business isn’t simply changing business models – for employees in the creative sector its is changing the nature of work. According to a new study from Adobe, a company that straddles the creative and marketing world through its cloud based offerings,  mobility is transforming the face

Within two years the majority of all cars sold in the US will have built in wireless. The emergence of the connected car ecosystem offers real opportunities for innovation assuming the stake holders can get their collaborative act together. A new blog by on the SAP Community network by Joe

Google and Facebook dominate the online advertising space for a couple of simple reasons – firstly for their huge and engaged audiences, secondly for their extraordinary campaign capabilities and thirdly for data they hold on all us. And they capture that data not only when we visit their sites, but

Spending on information technology around the globe will reach $3.8 trillion this year, up 2.4 per cent according to Gartner. While that looks like a steep decline on an earlier forecast of 3.9 per cent, most of the reduction is due to a currency adjustment due to the strengthening US