The dimensions of the struggle over entertainment are becoming clearer by the day. Netflix first upped the stakes by investing in its own product — a line in the sand being its very large cheque for House of Cards. In 2015 a few elbows were shoved out in the form

Digital transformation is generating so much noise — largely as the term has been co-opted by technology marketers — that it is easy to become cynical. Set aside your concerns about Peak Digital for a moment and instead focus on this simple idea: transformation has only just begun. To bastardise

The API is critical to the success of the newly emerging platform-as-a-business-model – think of AirBnB, Uber and YouTube. These are examples of platform business models made possible by technology. What exactly is a platform? A platform is a business model that connects individuals or businesses to create content, exchange

Internet brands took six of the nine top spots in this year’s Brand Buzz survey by research outfit YouGov. And for the third year in a row Amazon took first place. YouGov builds its Brand Buzz Index by asking consumers, “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two

Enterprise mobility strategies have long been associated with large enterprises. Other players were viewed as lacking the need or sophistication required to run a scaled-out mobility infrastructure outside of a few key vertical industries like banking/finance. The advent of the wide-spread deployment of smartphones and general acceptance of BYOD changed

The emergence of cloud based digital services gave business managers the world over the ability to by pass their IT departments, a trend that spelled doom for Dr No. Unfortunately all those shiny new digital baubles need to shine in synch. There’s no avoiding it any longer. We have to

Thomas Hobbes would have approved of the music streaming industry. It is the commercial manifestation of his famous though slightly depressing insight that life is the permanent war of everyone against everyone.*  And this year it is the streaming music providers who will measure success and failure in figurative body bags, according

We are all witnessing the death of the PC industry as the desktop sector goes gentle into that good night. There is little rage evident, except perhaps among the shareholders of some previously lucrative technology outfits. Six years ago this week, Apple’s then-CEO Steve Jobs announced to the world that the long-rumoured iPad

Even a conservative reading of disruption in the automotive sector suggests that by 2040 nearly one in three cars on the world’s roads could be conditionally autonomous, according to a paper by management consultant McKinsey & Company. Written by Paul Gao, Hans-Werner Kaas, Detlev Mohr, and Dominik Wee and called “Disruptive trends

Netflix CEO and co-founder Reed Hastings has announced he’s launching a $US100 million fund, called the Hastings Fund, to expand educational opportunities for children. The Hastings Fund lists its mission statement as the following: “Currently, too many children do not have access to amazing schools. Our aim is to partner