Plans for a world class Australian Fintech hub took a huge leap forward this week with the announcement of the location, the initial corporate partners, and the first chairman – former AMP chief Craig Dunn. To be called Stone and Chalk  fintech hub is an independent, not-for-profit entity which was created

As many have long expected, business media are showing the way in establishing profitable paths in the digital market. This week’s financials show confidence-building trends. Long gone are the train smash years when fabulous properties like The Financial Times saw their profitability crushed by fashionable forays into expensive, valueless web

Go on admit it. Justin, Selena, Harry and Faze Rain. Secretly you can’t help yourself, but don’t be alarmed. It turns out that a third of us have visited a celebrity’s Twitter feed and fully one quarter have retweeted their celebral contributions to human knowledge. Celebrity is the core busienss

The Federal Communications Commission in the US will regulate Internet services like public utilities, according to reports, effectively ending the net neutrality debate in favour of the White Hats and scuppering the threat of a two-speed Internet. For now, at least, the Black Hats will have to find other babies

One Direction took first and second places in this week’s Retweet report as Australia’s Tweeniverse collided with its Twitterverse. In fact 1D took the majority of the top spots in the report. But buried beneath the flotsam and jetsam a darker and more serious issue surfaced this week. Each week, KINSHIP

Each week the KINSHIP digital/Which-50 analyst Chatter Report identfies the most influential social shares in the world originating from research and analysis outfits like Gartner, Forrester, Constellation, L2 and others, along with management consulting companies like McKinsey & Company and Bain. It was a busy week for the number crunchers, with

“Digital disruption is not only a possibility for your company’s future but the onlypossibility,” wrote James McQuivey. The question you need to ask yourself is this; “Is your business built to survive in today’s digital market place?” Consider these findings from a major study by Forrester Research called The Future of Business is Digital; In 17

Well that was quick. It’s less than eight years since Apple launched the iPhone and ushered in the smartphone era (sorry Blackberry). Now, according to Global Web Index, more than 80 per cent of 17 to 31 year olds around the world own a smartphone. Of course it’s not really

One of the more curious realities we live with is the ritual of analysis. Politics, sports, arts and even cooking are subject to the most remarkable punditry. People make comments and forecasts with a certainty that completely belies the reality. Happily, no-one takes any notice in retrospect. One of my

Happy Birthday Australia — you dominated the local Twittersphere, with Australia Day pushing aside the boy bands, however briefly. And while it may be thoroughly reductive, Twitter’s Australia Day best wishes for the celebration was one of the top tweets for the week. Notable, successful and recently departed Australian author