Digital marketing continues to evolve rapidly, so at the beginning of each year, Gartner’s analysts dedicated to Marketing Leaders produce primer reports. These documents summarize the current state of key marketing topics, such as mobile marketing and customer experience. Each document defines marketers’ top challenges and the areas where Gartner’s

How can Australia get the crowdfunding settings right? Asymmetric information often leads to a market problem that is known as adverse selection. Adverse selection occurs in a market when buyers or sellers would, on average, be better off trading with someone selected at random from the population than with those

Why the growing reliance on visualisation? People love pictures. And pictures help us recall information when we need it. The reason is simple enough, the human brain is wired for pattern recognition. But when it comes to interpreting the relationship between data sets, or understanding complex statistical notions, most of us quickly

Gartner’s Data-Driven Marketing Survey, 2015, revealed that marketers expect most of their decisions to be quantitatively driven by 2017. As a result, more than 50% of companies plan to grow their analytics teams. This will require hiring managers to identify and cultivate new sources of talent in an already competitive

Business leaders increasingly understand the potential of  APIs but still too few understand the need for API management. An yet API management is a necessity in today’s digital economy. APIs expose data for use by apps and the developers that create them. They make enterprise assets reachable by apps, and they’re the tool that enterprises

In 2015, I was one of the more than 100 million U.S. smartphone owners for whom devices and apps had changed how I manage my health and fitness. This year I’m joining more than 16 million others planning to use apps to help fulfill their New Year’s resolutions. I expect

The ability to innovate and create new business opportunities across multiple regions is the top digital driver for CIOs and other IT leaders in the US and Europe according to a study sponsored by Unisys. Most companies however are failing to get even the basics right according to the data. “The

Digital expertise will become increasingly critical in the insurance sector as digitization and machine learning leads to more highly ‘automatable’ insurance according to management consultants McKinsey & Company. Meanwhile a separate piece of research by Accenture found that insurance companies are accelerating the shift to a radically different distribution model, where they

Consumer digital behavior and expectation is evolving faster than retailers can deliver, creating a new digital divide between merchants and their clients. That is our key take away from the latest Deloitte “Global Powers of retailing study (2016)” The study also found that despite the natural cultural and economic differences across

The majority of Facebook’s 1.6 billion monthly unique users now access the social network exclusively on mobile. The data is found in Facebooks Q4 report which reveals that 52 per cent of its monthly active users were mobile only. It is little wonder then that mobile is the key source of