Is Alphabet Google’s mid life crisis or an Apple iPod moment? Google’s announcement that it would rebrand itself and restructure into a new holding company called Alphabet, is notable not just for its news value – but its timing. ‘The Brand Formerly Known As Google’ intends to be a conglomerate

Oh the humanity. One in seven people on the earth used Facebook on Monday Whether it is the high watermark, or merely the prologue to an extraordinary future, no one can deny Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this moment. On Monday this week the 31-year-old entrepreneur helped connect one billion people

Telstra is set to make a multi-million dollar bid for the NRL’s online streaming rights amid continued rumours Telstra is dropping its major sponsorship title, The Australian reported yesterday. The Nine Network surprised everyone when it sprang $925 million for the NRL rights for four years in a deal starting

Irony abounds. In the midst of what appears to be an elongated period of investment market disruption, one of the most disrupted sectors is attracting buckets of cash. In recent times some very large lumps of cash have been raised by news media web sites, ostensibly for the purpose of creating

As any TV executive will lament — and sport executive will relish — live sport is one of the last vestiges of consistent linear viewership. Sports rights have been an increasingly powerful marketing device underpinning pay-TV models ever since Sky lured subscribers with its £191.5 million five-year football Premier League

In 2015, the battle continues between hotels and online travel agents (OTAs.) Hotels and hotel brands are investing in technology to develop more sophisticated digital platforms to compete with the OTAs. Some in the industry are turning to outside solutions and others are acquiring the companies which have the right

The third annual Disrupt.Sydney conference to be held on September 25 will focus on the theme of “Disruption for Good” according to organiser Kai Riemer. The event’s mission is to “disclose new worlds through the power of disruptive innovation” he says. Riemer (pictured below) who is the Associate Professor and Chair

Health device makers have primarily targeted consumers who are either fitness focused or chronically ill. But between these two extremes sits a large, fragmented and often overlooked population who seek better information to effectively manage their health says a new study. New research by the IBM Institute for Business Value suggests that

Online fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales grew 28 per cent last year and are on track to reach $130B in value by 2025 according to new data released by the Kantar World Panel. China is the fastest growing market for online FMCG, however the UK consumers are the most

The Australian Federal Court has ruled that film studio behind Dallas Buyers Club, Voltage, can’t send out scary piracy letters to the 4,726 alleged downloaders of the film. Voltage, who are known for being fierce copyright defenders, had previously succeed in their bid to obtain the name and address of those accused of