Streaming video on demand (SVOD) company Quickflix has terminated its agreement to be a reseller of content for another SVOD service, Presto. The company made the announcement to the ASX yesterday, saying the agreement had not been met and was therefore terminated. “Quickflix is pursuing other opportunities in relation to content

Smartphones are taking over the world, with a survey by UBS finding the increase in mobile banking will cause the widespread closure of bank branches. The UBS report, titled “Is A Bank In Your Pocket The Next Big Thing”, surveyed 67 bank management teams in 18 countries. The report found

The economics of Internet content pivot around advertising — paying for the right eyeballs and clicks — which imposes an implicit bias on all that is displayed. If regulators are going to go after Google for tailoring search results, should they go after publishers for using audience targeting or tailored

Perhaps they are not visiting their own stores. Australia’s retailers overwhelming believe they are doing a great job on the customer experience front with only two per cent conceding they provide a poor experience according to a study by Frost and Sullivan. According to the report which was commissioned by

Shifting half of the remaining government transactions from traditional channels to digital channels could net Australia a $20B productivity dividend with the bulk of the savings accruing directly to the tax payer, according to a new study by Deloitte. Called “Digital government transformation” the report which was commissioned by Adobe

Android tablets have the highest video completion rates compared to all other consumer devices in Australia, according to new research from TubeMogul. The research report by TubeMogul found that 83 per cent of standard pre-roll video advertisements were viewed by consumers to completion on Android tablets. This compared to 46

Who are the professionals that plan the social media strategies of the largest banks in the world? And above all, how do they do on their own social networks? In Alianzo we were wandering about all this, so we have decided to analyse it. We have selected 33 banks from

All that glistens for tech stock prima donnas It wasn’t very long ago that short-selling of Fairfax and other print media businesses was the sad reality of investor sentiment. Now it’s the turn of the prima donnas. SEEK, REA and Carsales reportedly are subject to heavy downside bets despite the

Mobility has fundamentally transformed Internet access and use, and holds the key to fulfilling the promise of Internet connectivity for the next billion people according to the global Internet Society which today released its 2015 Global Internet Report. The study found that 94 per cent of the global population is

Banking and financial services industry is undergoing a massive transformation all over the world and that change has come quickly. Before 2010, FinTech wasn’t even on the radar of banking institutions . Now, suddenly it seems, there is an upsurge in activity in the FinTech community. Global FinTech financing has