The blockchain technology market is estimated to create revenue of nearly $45 billion by the year 2027, according to a new report from Research and Markets. The “Global Blockchain Technology Market 2017-2027” report covers the blockchain technology market by type, solution provider, application, end-use industry, and region. Sign up for

When do digital competitors pose a real threat to your business? According to a new article from McKinsey and Company, incumbents should shift their strategies before their new digital rivals grab 15 per cent market share. At that point the market changes abruptly and the insurgents have built up momentum

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In the wake of violence in the US town of Charlottesville, the tech industry has started removing access to some of their services from groups associated with the far-right and those espousing racial intolerance. Apple has disabled Apple Pay from sites selling clothing, stickers and other merchandise with Nazi logos

Despite industry enthusiasm for technologies which can think for themselves, Australian consumers remain cautious or unaware of the opportunities of AI technologies, according to a study commissioned by OpenText. “Analysts agree, with Forrester predicting investments in AI will grow 300 per cent in 2017. However, our research shows a considerable

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Boards lack the diversity needed to integrate current digital thinking and emerging business models into their strategy. They are also struggling with the pace of change, and the contradictory requirements to act more quickly while also thinking more long-term. That’s our take out from the panel discussion that accompanied the

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Severe interoperability problems in the healthcare sector are holding back efficiency, massive cost savings for government, and, most importantly, patient safety. Each year it is believed that as many as 18,000 deaths in Australia are caused — or at least expedited — by medical errors. A lot of these errors

Microsoft’s cloud business Azure is expanding to the ACT, opening two new data centres in Canberra next year. Through a strategic partnership with Canberra Data Centres (CDC), Microsoft will be the only major cloud provider in Australia to deliver hyperscale cloud services to handle unclassified and protected government data. Sign

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Amazon Web Services has launched a new security service that uses machine learning to help customers prevent data loss by automatically discovering, classifying, and protecting sensitive data in AWS. Known as Amazon Macie, the service recognises sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII) or intellectual property, and provides customers

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Machine learning, deep learning and the connected home have reached the peak of the Hype Cycle, while blockchain and commercial drones have begun the slide into the ‘trough of disillusionment’. According to Gartner’s 2017 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, augmented reality and virtual reality have begun to climb the ‘plateau

Like many professionals, medical executives would be forgiven for believing that a huge wave of Artificial Intelligence fueled transformation is about to disrupt everything about the way they work, and earn a living. The truth, as ever,  is a little more sanguine. Of all the professions, healthcare is likely one