Infographic: Online shopping and the growth (maybe) of mobile commerce

Mobile commerce,  where consumers actually transact from the phone as opposed to just research purchases, has attracted a lot of buzz in recent months. Brands can’t help but salivate at the prospect of being one convenient click away from a sale, especially as we all carry a cash register around in our pockets and purses these days.

But unpack the numbers and you can see there little depth yet beyond the two market leaders.

While it is certainly true that the evidence is becoming more consistent that mobile purchasing is on the up-and-up most of the loot is ending up in just two very fat piggy banks – Apple and Amazon – at the end of the trading day as a new infographic from business intelligence site Statista reveals.

Between them, the two sites generated $16.4 billion in mobile commerce at $8.4B and $8B respectively. But it is then a huge trudge back to third placed QVD which only just popped the billion. Offline retail giant Walmart bycontrast delievered a parimonious $661 million.

                    You will find more statistics at Statista

Among the other interesting factoids from Statista, the nascent social shopping trend barely moves the dial with shoe with clothing shop Zappos the current leading proponent at $56 million in the first quarter. Zappos is probably pretty happy with that, but as a category, social commerce is hardly setting the world on fire. 

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