Brands have a grip on the basics of email marketing but “need to move further afield”, according to research from dotmailer. The local portion of the research suggests Australian brands are also finding it difficult to deliver quality email experiences.

Email marketing automation company, dotmailer, analysed 100 global ecommerce brands across six sectors for its annual hitting the mark report, revealing leading brands were leveraging data-driven email campaigns to optimise customer experiences. But, according to the research, most brands were failing to progress beyond email marketing basics.

And with a wide gap between leaders and runners up, laggards risk being left behind. The top ten best brands scored 90 per cent for their “overall message”, however the remaining 90 brands managed an overall message score of just 40 per cent — suggesting the tools are there but few know how to use them effectively.

According to the dotmailer, “Emails lacked relevancy when context is what matters most in email. A poor use of preference and behavioural data meant that many campaigns landing in the inbox were irrelevant to us.”

Email personalisation also proved elusive. Despite it being embraced by many brands, “advanced tactics were few and far between”. The top ten businesses scored just 35 per cent on personalisation while the remaining 90 only managed 13 per cent.

The global research findings have been summarised in the following infographic:

In Australia, the local results show a similar lack of advanced use outside of a few industry leaders. Only a quarter of the brands surveyed achieved over half marks for their email experience with the remaining three quarters “performing below par”.

However, leaders have emerged. Online fashion retailer, The Iconic, successfully used behavioural data to drive automated email programs, according to the local report, and placed top five in the global rankings.

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