Marketers still struggle with mastering the customer journey, which makes it difficult for many to understand where best to place their development spend.

Part of the problem, according to the CMO Council, is that many brands still fail to take a strategic approach to the issue.

According to Liz Miller, Senior VP of Marketing at the CMO Council, “We have to stop thinking about marketing as a loosely connected tapestry made up of random acts of marketing… and think of customer experience across every touch point.”

Perhaps it’s this disjointed approach that explains why the CMO Council found that only 16 per cent of marketers feel they are delivering on their brand promise.

For brands wanting to improve upon this, it is important to understand the approach customer experience leaders take in journey mapping.

A new infographic from OpinionLab offers six suggestions including;

  • Create customer personas
  • Develop a customer research protocol
  • Conduct intensive qualitative research
  • Co-create with customers
  • Hold internal workshops
  • And triage the main customer pain points.

And most importantly, don’t ignore the real-time voice of the customer.

An effective voice of the customer program makes the research and design part of the process more accurate and makes maintaining it over time easier. In turn, this leads to far more dynamic and agile approaches across multiple channels in real time.

Michael Stelzer is Vice President at Verint, which is a member of the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit. Members contribute their expertise and insights for the benefit of our readers. Fees apply.


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