Do you have a complete view of your marketing tech stack? Traditionally the Adtech subset of the stack has been managed beyond the walls of the marketing department by agency partners.

There were good reasons for this. The agencies had sufficient scale to be able to leverage the costs of staff capabilities and the investment in the technology across multiple clients.

And expertise in media choice and cost meant – in theory – that brands could leverage their agency relationship with media companies for better rates and placement.

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However, as data has emerged as a critical corporate asset, particularly in an age where customer experience is a key driver of product and marketing development, marketing leaders now need to take a holistic view of the full ecosystem they operate in.

As the infographic below demonstrates, if you only have visibility over your advertising technology, or over your marketing technology, you will end up with an incomplete picture.


Download Bridging the Adtech and Martech Divide

So what have brands started doing to address this problem? In some cases they are bringing elements of adtech in-house, such as programmatic buying or attribution modeling. In other cases, they are recasting their relationships with their agencies to ensure they are realising the value of the data their campaigns generate.

Vendors have recognised the importance of the need as well, with marketing cloud providers increasingly extending their solution to address advertising. The most high profile of these so far is Adobe’s acquisition of TubeMogul last year, however prior to that we have seen marketing cloud providers add Data Management Platform to their suites and increasingly build bridges out to the adtech world.

“The next wave of digital transformation is all about the experience. Becoming an Experience Business means leveraging a single view of customers and providing a truly integrated journey across all owned, earned and paid channels,” says Damon Scarr, Director, Adobe Advertising Cloud, APAC. “The wealth of advertising and marketing data available enables brands to acquire new customers and retain their loyalty through personalised and relevant engagements.”

This level of customer experience across every touch point can only be achieved when Adtech and Martech work synchronously.

To help marketers and agencies get a better view of the whole picture, which-50 and Adobe had compiled the “Bridging the Adtech and Martech Divide” glossary.components that comprise the Adtech and Martech landscape, along with the potential integration points

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