Industrial Internet

Loadsmile, an Australian-based technology start up is aiming to make the freight industry more sustainable by reducing waste and the amount of unused space in trucks.  Geoffroy Henry, CEO and co-founder of the company said 30 per cent of trucks in Australia are on the roads with empty loads and,

Cisco and RMIT have launched the Health Transformation Lab, a place for health leaders to bring their most complex and difficult challenges and consider how technology can support health initiatives. The lab will bring together ideas, leaders, innovators and infrastructure to make the future of healthcare, enabled by technology, a

This week visitors and patients at Fairfield Hospital have been greeted by a robot, ready to answer questions and provide directions, as part of a five-day public trial examining the impact of a robot receptionist. The humanoid robot Pepper has been staffed in the foyer of the hospital since Monday,

Digital Twin

A 3D visualisation of Western Sydney was unveiled this week, showcasing an interactive platform that could change the way urban planning is conducted. The ‘digital twin’ technology was developed by CSIRO’s Data61, the digital specialist arm of Australia’s national science agency, and NSW Department of Customer Service’s Spatial Services. Launched

Australian shopping centres are transforming into power plants in response to rising electricity prices, easy access to capital and lower costs for renewable energy infrastructure. In a softer retail environment, shopping centres have reallocated their floor space. More square metres have gone to food and entertainment precincts as consumer preferences


The total number of 5G connections will reach 1.5 billion globally by 2025, rising from only 5 million in 2019. This is an annual average growth of 150 per cent over the next 6 years. The figures are contained in a new report from Juniper Research. The new research, 5G

Changing social norms and attitudes towards electric cars are a key avenue to encourage greater take-up of environmentally-friendly vehicles, according to new research from Deakin University. The research – led by James Davidson as part of his recently completed PhD in the Deakin Business School – explores the drivers behind

The primary, world-changing product of the steel industry is not steel. It’s bushfires, famine and dead koalas. For every tonne of heavy metal rolling out of the steel mills of China’s Liaoning province, or India’s sponge iron foundries, nearly two tonnes of carbon vomits into the atmosphere. Steel-making is one, a Sydney-based healthcare artificial intelligence company, announced it has completed its first capital raise of A$29 million. Founded by brothers – Aengus Tran, a clinician and world-ranked AI engineer and Dimitry Tran, a healthcare technologist, the company has been bootstrapped since inception in 2018 and has a vision to

Telstra has retrofitted 300 NSW NRMA vehicles with Mobileye advanced driver technology which uses an artificial vision sensor to monitor the road for pedestrians, cyclists, and other vehicles.  The device consists of a single camera and a dashboard alert unit to give the driver visual and audible warnings. Mobileye, owned