Industrial Internet

Think of it as the Cambrian moment for Internet startups. As the Internet of Things (IoT) swells in size to anywhere between 50 billion to 200 billion devices over the next decade, it will spawn an ecosystem of new suppliers and providers. According to Gartner, by 2017, 50 per cent

Digital investments, especially in the industrial economy, will drive strong growth in IT spending around the world in 2015, according to research company Gartner. Spending in 2015 is expected to rise by 3.9 per cent over this year’s level, according to Gartner’s worldwide head of research, Peter Sondergaard. He made

By 2022 the average home will have hundreds of devices connected to the Internet as the Internet of Things becomes a mainstream consumer experience, according to research outfit Gartner. Describing Smart Homes as an area of dramatic evolution, the research company says growth will be fuelled by the falling cost

The latest forecasts by Ovum highlight the continuing solid growth of the machine-to-machine market. Long term, the opportunity is huge — the total market place isexpected to reach $US66 billion by 2019. As for the cellular market, Ovum says it will bring in a total of $US252 billion for the 2015–19

The smart application of digital technologies like big data and analytics offers a rich seam of productivity improvement for the oil and gas industry worldwide, according to a paper by McKinsey & Company. Called “Digitizing Oil and Gas Production” and written by Stefano Martinotti, Jim Nolten, and Jens Arne Steinsbø,

As car manufacturers start planning for driverless cars they want liability to reside with the owner – unlike Google which has taken a different tack. Welcome tot the world of adjustable ethics settings. That’s right, you get to choose who to kill. Patrick Linhas recently posted a piece in Wired

It’s the digital technology that we still don’t talk about, but 3D printing is set for compound growth of 45 per cent annually for the next four years, — developing into a $US16 billion market by 2018, according to research by Canalys. The market os still tiny, however, clocking in

The emergence of the Internet of Things will challenge a business model that first emerged during the industrial revolution, and force businesses to think carefully about value creation and capture. That’s the view of Gordon Hui head of Business Design & Strategy practice at Smart Design who shared his thoughts

Industry analyst outfit Gartner is pursuing its latest investigation into the changing technology ecosystem — the blurring of lines between information technology and what it calls operational technology, or what companies like GE would call the Industrial Internet. According to Gartner Vice President and Gartner Fellow Hung LeHong, “The IT

Australian consumers have bought into the idea of the connected home — but they are most concerned about the price. That’s the verdict of a survey commissioned by network-security outfit Fortinet. According to a study — part of a global survey called “Internet of Things: Connected Home” — 53 per