Industrial Internet

As the world sees the distribution of billions of smart devices, and literally trillions of new sensors, the current computing paradigms will struggle to meet the needs of new applications in such an environment. Edge computing is emerging as part of the solution. In the edge computing model, programming and

Hitachi is a rare beast – a global leader in both industrial systems and information technology which puts it in a relatively unique position as the internet of things and the industrial internet starts to dramatically scale. Speaking at the company’s Next 2019 customer event in Las Vegas, Hitachi Ltd

The need to make commercial property renovations and new building projects more energy-efficient and user-friendly creates a serious and unwanted consequence: these smart buildings open up new attack vectors for cybersecurity threats. Internet-connected systems that control elevators, escalators, heating and security access can be used to monitor and optimise performance,

In the next ten years, globally, we’ll see regulation, accounting and business processes involving the virtual world turned on their head. Here’s why: This is the second in a series of articles aimed at both professionals and the wider community. The first explained the notion of a ‘digital twin’ (a

Start-up energy retailer Amber Electric has raised AU$2.5 million in an investment round led by Australian VC firm Square Peg. Amber Electric launched with its MVP a year ago with a small number of customers in South Australia and Sydney. The fresh capital will be used to drive business growth,

Fleet Space Technologies CEO Flavia Tata Nardini

Fleet Space Technologies has raised US$7.35 million (AU$10.8 million) from global funds including Momenta Ventures and Horizons Ventures, to deliver ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity to remote industries, powered by a global constellation of nanosatellites. Investors in the funding round also included Grok Ventures and Blackbird Ventures, who re-invested

Telstra Mining Services is building an underground private 4G LTE network for South32’s Cannington mine in north-west Queensland. Announced during Telstra Vantage in Melbourne today, the network is still in the pre-deployment stage and will initially be 6.5 kilometres with the potential to be extended in subsequent stages.  Webinar: Can

VMware announced that it has expanded its telco and edge cloud portfolio to drive real-time intelligence for telco networks, as well as improved automation and security for telco, edge and IoT applications. Already serving as a key infrastructure provider for most communications service providers and enterprise customers around the world,

All around Australia households are receiving their winter gas and electricity bills, notifying them just how much they owe their power retailers. In the future, however, Catherine Tanna the CEO of EnergyAustralia, hopes retailers will be able to tell consumers just how much they’ve helped them save when the bill

Artificial intelligence is allowing drones to spot and assist swimmers in distress. Ripper Group, an Australian drone services company, today announced it is adding world first autonomous capabilities to the drones used by the Westpac Rescue Helicopter program. Sign up for Which-50’s Irregular Insights newsletter “Little Ripper” drones are already