In the latest episode of Boardroom.Media’s sustainable business series, Impact Pioneers, Michael Gumbly, CEO of Megado Gold discusses the company’s impact journey and how they are creating Shared Value in Ethiopia. 

Being that we’re new and we’re a Start-Up, what we’ve been trying to do from the outset is to ensure that our success in Ethiopia also brings advancement and success for the communities in which we work. And that’s how we’ve made it kind of a central tenet of our company,” says Gumbley. 

While Not-for-Profits and charities have historically grappled with bringing lasting change to developing regions beyond a program’s deployment, Gumbley suggests that it is the private sector’s role to sustain this development. 

One of the underlying problems is that these people still don’t have jobs. And by bringing in private sector funds, private sector thinking, I think that there will be people who will then take up that mantle and ensure that that becomes part of their job.

While Megado Gold is at the start of their impact journey, the company claims that sustainability and solving for the UN SDGs is an “important element” of their work and a key driver of their success in Ethiopia.


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