This has been a very big year for me and I’ve had a lot to reflect upon. People that know me will understand what I’m talking about but people that don’t know me will (hopefully) relate to this article anyway.

I personally don’t like to say the phrase “I’m sorry”. I’m not trying to be rude but I feel that the energy behind “I’m sorry” is very negative. It is the type of energy that focuses on the problem not the solution. Consider the classic example of somebody that is late for a meeting. Imaging them opening the door in a huff and walking into the room and stammering “I’m sorry that I’m late.” Whilst this does acknowledge that somebody was indeed late, it also focuses the energy in the room on the fact that this person did something wrong. i.e. That they were late for the meeting.

Instead, imagine the same person walking late into the meeting and saying “Thanks for being patient.” Does that also acknowledge that the person was late? But does it acknowledge it by sharing a positive energy instead of a negative one?

In both cases “I’m Sorry for being late” and “Thank you for being patient” arrive at the same goal. Specifically, (a) people feel acknowledged that the meeting didn’t start smoothly, and (b) the meeting may now continue. However, in the “I’m Sorry” example the people in the room are focusing on the negative qualities about being late, but in the “Thank you” example the people in the room are focusing on the positive qualities about being patient.

Imagine another example of an office employee that makes a mistake at their job. Do you want them to be sorry that they made that mistake or do you want them to be thankful that you taught them how to avoid it happening again? Making mistakes is natural but it doesn’t mean that we must wallow in the negative energy. We can learn from these mistakes but at the same time focus on a positive energy by being thankful.

From that perspective I have a lot to be thankful for this year. I’m thankful to be surrounded by so many fantastic people in such a great industry. It’s truly amazing and I would like to finish this year with some positive energy. Therefore…

  • To everybody that has been there for me this year. Thank you!
  • To everybody that was in a meeting with me this year where I was late. Thank you for being patient.
  • To everybody that I’ve mentored this year over coffee. Thank you for sharing your life stories with me.
  • To everybody that gave me some constructive feedback. Thank you allowing me to grow and learn. Whilst it has been very tough, it’s what life is all about. To grow and be the best we can be. Thank you!
  • To everybody that read my articles this year and didn’t agree with me. Thank you for giving me your time and for reading this final article.

Thank you for a great 2017!

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