In 2018 the highest-paying job in Australia, in terms of average salary, was an information and communication technology (ICT) architect, according to Seek’s annual salary report.

ICT jobs now dominate the list of highest-paying jobs in the country, a marked change from five years ago when mining, resources and energy roles were king.

According to the research, of the top five industries in Australia, ICT is the only one to pay more today than it did in 2013 for the same role. ICT salaries grew by 7.3 per cent over that period with the average rising from $97,700 to $104,800 in five years.

Top ten

According to the Seek data, collected between June 2017 and June 2018, these are the ten highest paying jobs in Australia in 2018:

  1. ICT Architects — $138,144
  2. Engineering Management — $133,927
  3. ICT Management — $132,307
  4. Mining, Resources & Energy Management — $131,462
  5. Legal Generalists In-house — $128,988
  6. Accounting Strategy and Planning — $128,373
  7. Accounting Financial Managers and Controllers — $126,906
  8. Construction Management — $126,122
  9. Construction Project Management — $124,603
  10. Insurance and Superannuation Management — $124,432

The full top 20, along with analysis from journalist Belinda Parkes, is available here.

ICT dominates the top 20 highest-paying roles, claiming six spots. At number one, ICT architects receive an average annual salary of $138,144. ICT managers, third on the list, are paid $132,307 on average, while an ICT security role nets $122,753 and 12th spot.

The rise of ICT salaries reflects its growing importance in modern organisations — particularly those leveraging digital technologies. Seperate research suggests the number of ICT roles will continue to grow.

In October the Australian Computer Society released a report that found the demand for digital skills in the Australian economy is exploding and 40,000 new ICT jobs will be created in NSW over the next five years.

The trend is more evidence that Australia is shifting away from its traditional resource industries.

Mining remains the highest-paying industry overall, but only features twice in the list of highest-paying roles. In 2013, mining featured 13 times in the corresponding top 20. Five years ago the average salary in the mining industry was just under $135,000 — now it’s just over $116,000.

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