IBM inventors received a record 9,262 U.S. patents in 2019, a 2 per cent increase from 2018, making it the company to secure the most patents annually for the 27th consecutive year, according to the 2019 IFI Top 50.

Australian IBM inventors received 167 patents and almost half of the patents IBM received are directly connected to advancing growth in four areas. These include AI, blockchain, cloud computing and security as well as quantum computing.

Samsung Electronics secured the second position, with 6,469 U.S. grants—up 11 per cent. Canon holds the third spot as it did last year, with Microsoft at fourth and Intel Corp in fifth position.

IFI also released a list of the top 250 companies, which ranks the world’s largest owners of active global patents by parent company including subsidiaries. On that count, which is a broader measure of an overall patent portfolio, Samsung came out ahead of IBM, with 76,638 active patents to IBM’s 37,304 patents.

For example, Samsung Display is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. In the Top 50 ranking, these entities are tracked separately, but the IFI 250 combines them.

Among the top 50, Kia Motors jumped 58 places to number 41. Hewlett Packard Enterprise was the second-fastest moving company, up 28 places to 48, followed by Facebook which moved up 22 places to 36 and Micron Technology which was up to nine places to 25.

Closer to the top of the list, China’s Huawei climbed six places to crack the top 10, BOE Technology gained four places to 13 and Microsoft advanced three places to number four.

Ford was the only automaker inside the top 10, claiming 2,468 patents, 16 per cent more than in 2018.

Overall it was a record year for patent filings with 333,530 patents granted, growing an unpredicted 15 per cent growth from the year before.

“We expected U.S. grants to increase this year after a rise in applications last year but a surge of this magnitude is unusual,” said CEO Mike Baycroft, IFI Claims Patent Services.

An analysis of the patents also revealed the top 10 fastest growing technologies in 2019, which included CRISPR technology, creating new hybrid plants, dashboards (mostly related to automobiles), 3-D printing, and medicinal preparations (especially cancer therapies).

The top 20 US patent recipients for 2019:

  1. IBM
  2. Samsung Electronics
  3. Canon
  4. Microsoft
  5. Intel Corp
  6. LG
  7. Apple
  8. Ford
  9. Amazon
  10. Huawei Technologies
  11. Qualcomm
  12. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing
  13. BOE
  14. Sony
  15. Google
  16. Toyota
  17. Samsung Display
  18. GE
  19. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson AB
  20. Hyundai
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