RMIT Online has announced a partnership with IBM to deliver two Australian first, industry-led courses focused on 5G. 

The courses, IoT Strategy in the 5G Era and 5G for Business, will equip IT and business professionals with the necessary skills and tools to future-proof their businesses in preparation for the broader rollout of 5G across the country. 

The courses are designed for workers and decision makers in sectors that could be transformed by IoT including healthcare, logistics, telco, mining and public sector.

Professionals enrolled in the six week course IoT Strategy in the 5G Era course will explore the fundamentals of 5G and how it is changing the IoT landscape to understand the key drivers and business impacts of the emerging technology across the Australian business sector. 

The five week 5G for Business course is designed for business leaders interested in gaining a deeper understanding of 5G technology, through daily live Q&As and interactive learning. 

Katrina Troughton, Managing Director, IBM Australia and New Zealand foresees the 5G rollout to be a monumental opportunity for Australia’s tech innovators on a global scale.

“Anticipation of the 5G rollout has been creating waves for years now and thanks to the vast pool of talent and skills we have in Australia, we have a unique opportunity to contribute to global 5G innovation in a remarkable way. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of 5G education and training as a result of our partnership with RMIT Online.”

Helen Souness, CEO of RMIT Online, believes that the newest additions to the Future Skills portfolio will help to future-proof Australian businesses against industry disruption.

“The advent of 5G technologies holds incredible economic potential for businesses and individuals. For Australians to keep up with the hyperconnectivity that will ensue from the rollout of the 5G network, as well as the emergence of booming technologies like VR and AR, employers will need to understand the technological implications and business impacts from a strategic perspective.” 

“For education to keep up with the breakneck speed of technology, we’re extremely proud to partner with leaders like IBM, to provide students with the essential tools and knowledge they’ll need to handle the technological implications of the 5G rollout,” she said.

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