Not even billboards can escape the need for third party measurement as more advertisers want to be sure they are getting what they paid for. 

Measurement provider Integral Ad Science (IAS) has partnered with Out-of-Home (OOH) reporting platform Seedooh to provide enhanced campaign delivery validation on digital signs and screens across Australia.

The partnership brings independent third party measurement to advertising shown on digital billboards for the first time in the Australian market.

Seedooh, which launch in July 2017, is able to measure the static signage and digital OOH play-out data, while IAS has reworked its measurement tools to audit the display of digital content on the screen. Digital OOH now makes up almost half of the out of home category’s revenue.

While OOH advertising doesn’t have the same viewability and brand safety risks as other digital media, there’s still a need to validate that advertisers are getting exactly what they paid for. Specifically there’s two problems concerning out of home: how long an ad is shown for and when it is shown.

For example, an advertiser might pay to be one of four ads that are each shown for 15 seconds every minute. IAS is able to measure the exposure time to make sure there aren’t five or six ads on a loop being shown for a shorter amount of time each.

The measurement tools also record when ads are visible to make sure they are shown when they ought to be, for example for 15 seconds per minute 24 hours a day, not just between the hours of midnight and 3am. 

James Diamond, Managing Director of IAS ANZ, said measurement is being met with enthusiasm by out of home media owners because it breeds confidence. 

“The out-of-home industry is currently experiencing the benefits of true digital innovation. Seedooh is offering a new level of confidence and transparency within this industry and is able to help bring the advantages of their platform to market which is a really exciting step for the out-of-home sector,” Diamond said.

This partnership between Integral Ad Science and Seedooh will accelerate the journey towards accountability for the OOH market which is currently seeing major advancement in the analysis of campaign-based reporting data, the companies said. 

Seedooh CEO Tom Richter said, “IAS’s technology solutions, along with their credentials and integrity in qualified independent analytics, will help us continue to offer innovative solutions in Digital OOH reporting. We welcome partnerships that can help us add value to the OOH industry globally and this is a very important alliance from that perspective.”

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