HubSpot has selected AWS as its preferred public cloud provider and will run the vast majority of its infrastructure on Amazon’s cloud.

HubSpot’s core products, including HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub, run on AWS, and HubSpot will expand its use of AWS to build new applications in the cloud, deepening its relationship with the Seattle giant.

Over the years, HubsSpot has leveraged AWS’s compute, storage, serverless, analytics, and machine learning services.

The martech company has built a highly automated microservices architecture on AWS to support applications of all sizes, scale, and complexity, gain greater agility, and establish a DevOps practice in the cloud.

They’ve also constructed a data lake using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Athena to ingest and analyse operational data so that HubSpot can diminish internal waste and cut operational costs.

In addition, through Amazon’s machine learning technology such as Amazon Lex, HubSpot added natural language processing capabilities to GrowthBot, its chatbot that helps marketing and salespeople quickly and easily get help creating content, researching competitors, and monitoring analytics.

“Scale and the ability to innovate at a faster rate are immensely important for our business, which is why we chose to take a cloud-first approach with AWS, making it our preferred cloud provider,” said Brad Coffey, chief strategy officer at HubSpot.

“As we continue to grow our platform, it becomes increasingly important for us to have a reliable infrastructure in place to support the needs of our customers. The scale we deal with is not just the number of customers we support, but we also account for the volume of web traffic that their customers receive as they continue to grow.”

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