HR platform company Employment Hero has announced a new marketing director to help lead the company through its transition into a COVID-19 resource service. 

Employment Hero raised millions to develop and sell its cloud based payroll and benefits management tools but says it has now “pivoted its business model” to help SMEs navigate COVID-19.

It has launched an online resource hub with guides to things like JobKeeper and employee wellness as well as hosting regular webinars on human resources and employment issues. 

Employment Hero says the switch has led to a 56 per cent increase in new customers since March and three quarters of users upgrading their subscriptions. 

Asked how the pivot had impacted revenue a company spokesperson said Employment Hero increased its recurring revenue by over 20 per cent from H2 2019 to H1 2020.

The company offers its HR tools for a monthly subscription and following COVID-19 has bundled several together with significant discounts for an “SME Support Package”.

Employment Hero says 70 per cent of new customers took up the platform’s “most comprehensive feature package” during COVID-19 Q2, compared to only 30 per cent in Q1.

New marketing lead

This week the company announced Tasman Page as its new marketing director. The company’s first CMO Cat Prestipino left this time last year after 19 months.

Page has previously led marketing teams at Menulog, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank.

“Employment Hero is a mission-driven organisation,” Page said. “We aren’t trying to boil the ocean, and are instead focused on helping SMEs drive value out of being better employers.”

Page says the webinars in particular have been a popular part of Employment Hero’s pivot.

“We’ve featured guests from the likes of Prospa and GoCardless, to a clinical psychologist, to provide answers to what SME owners are struggling with the most during COVID-19. The engagement has been significant. We saw thousands of questions pour in, which we let guide our content development to make sure we were offering the most valuable information in an accessible way.” 

Page added the positive response to Employment Hero’s pivot has been a gratifying one.

“Seeing business survive, and in some cases, recover from the impact of COVID-19 has been hugely rewarding, and that drives us to keep listening to the needs of our community, and responding in the best way we know how.” 

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