One year after the first COVID lockdown, research from HireVue suggests that Australian HR leaders are prioritising diversity and inclusion, as well as automating the hiring process. 

The HireVue Global Hiring Landscape surveyed 1100 hiring leaders in Australia, the US and the UK to better understand how the hiring process has changed in a post-COVID world. 

The report reveals that two-thirds of Australia’s HR hiring leaders have made diversity and inclusion an immediate or short-term priority, with 59 per cent of businesses seeking candidates from non-traditional places. More than half of the businesses surveyed are choosing to partner with recruiting networks and universities that represent diverse and underrepresented groups. 

According to Tom Cornell, the APAC Head of Assessments at HireVue, “We believe that the HR industry’s determination to build back stronger and make use of automation will open up more positive opportunities for Australians and that the focus on diversity and inclusion will lead to a more equal workforce.”

The pandemic impacted diverse groups disproportionately. The data showed that women experienced higher stress levels at work, took on more of the domestic duties and were impacted by female-dominant industries, including tourism and hospitality, being some of the hardest hit. 

Karina Vanderwerf
Karina Vanderwerf, Head of Talent Acquisition, Foxtel

To achieve diversity and inclusion goals, the report shows that the hiring industry is working to automate the recruitment process in order to generate efficiencies but also to prioritise equity.

Leaders are leveraging technologies including Artificial Intelligence, video and virtual interviewing to improve the hiring process. 

According to Karina Vanderwerf, Head of Talent Acquisition at Foxtel, “With many hiring teams strained by the pandemic, the additional assistance provided by tech and automation is likely to play a major role in enabling teams to swiftly build back better.

“Additionally, automation throughout the entire hiring process enables us to deliver a personalised experience to candidates efficiently and at scale.”

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