When third-party cookies eventually disappear, brands will need to change their strategies. 

During a LiveRamp panel discussion entitled Online Identity in a Cookieless World, Ben Campbell, Nine’s Director of Advertising and Data Products, said that brands are going to have to get much closer to their digital activity — particularly in how they plan, buy and measure their digital campaigns. 

“They’re going to need to work quite closely with their agencies and with their DMPs and marketing tech vendors, to build a strategy around data and an ability around campaigns programmatically that will mean that they’re resilient to some of these changes.”

Gemma Beeley, Sydney Head of Digital at UM Australia, said managing reach and frequency will also pose challenges. 

“Thinking about sequential targeting and retargeting, that becomes almost impossible. Every time we reach that user we have to make it really count because we can’t necessarily reach them a second, third, fourth time to tell our brand story,” she explained. 

To that end, storytelling in one creative impact becomes really important. 

Campbell said businesses are going to need to work more closely with publishers “to share data and leverage that rich, first-party data that publishers will still have — because they won’t be impacted by the deprecation of third-party cookies. 

“I think we are also going to see a big shift in the industry towards identity. Lots of brands are already starting to build out an identity asset — that will only continue and continue at pace. If you look at the publisher side, publishers are going to need to do exactly the same.”

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