“Technology is awesome but it can break your heart,” says Which-50 Editor-in-Chief Andrew Birmingham. “The production and distribution of content has become more commoditised — and arguably democratised — through technology. Of course hat also means it’s easier for poor content to get out there. Ironically, that has increased the business value of original, high-quality content.”

He says companies have to be willing to make that investment, however.

Birmingham was speaking in advance of Episode Five of the Sitecore Content Conversations series, which he is headlining on Thursday 15 October at 11 am. He will be speaking about the vexed issue of the link between content and revenue.

Making the arguments internally to get hold of those resources can be difficult for marketers. “If you ask a CFO to spend a million dollars on search, you can predict maybe to within ten per cent either way what the outcome looks like. You can’t do that with content. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have made the right decision.”

As it gets harder to reach and hold audiences that are more fragmented, who are using more filters, and who are being assailed online with a firehose of content, the ability to do so with original content becomes more valuable to the business, he says.

“Marketers have 25 years of digital advertising heritage behind them, and an industry that has claimed everything is measurable at the most granular levels. That simply isn’t true with content, which is trying to do much more than drive an immediate response.”

In Australia, particularly for many B2B marketers — especially those working for overseas-based businesses — campaigns are measured on direct response and their ability to get marketing-qualified leads into a database, he says.

Birmingham argues that there is surprisingly little information on the internet about the link between content and revenue. “That’s what we will be discussing: what does the research tell us?”

Content Conversations is a webinar series from Sitecore that brings together content experts and creators to discuss a variety of topics including why quality content matters, how to produce content for multiple channels, and the science behind the ROI of content. To catch up with the full series go to the Content Conversations site. 

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