Companies that are undergoing digital transformation can earn consumer trust by getting the basics right, every single time, over the long haul according to Aarron Spinley, strategy director XM acceleration, SAP.

Last week, Which-50 hosted a webinar with Camilla Cooke – Co-Founder & CMO, Xinja, Luke Shaw – Head of eCommerce, Sigma Healthcare and Aarron Spinley – researcher and growth strategist, SAP to interrogate how companies can turn their better understanding of customers into better experiences. 

A number of topics were brought up by the executives including companies failing the “trust test” and why trust is important today, the impact of legacy systems and where trust sits in the future.

Spinley said gaining trust from consumers is not complicated at all but businesses need to know what trust is. 

“If you want to bake a cake, you need to know what the cake is, before you choose your ingredients. If you want to create trust, you need to know what it is,” he said. 

Spinley said it is key for every brand to ask how do they they become so reliable that they always meet their brands promise? And, how do they do that in a meaningful way?

He noted three key points. The firstly is to make sure brands know the baseline expectations of  their customers. 

“If you don’t know what that is, how do you meet them constantly, every day, all the time without fail?”

Secondly, once you know what those expectations are, you commit to a customer’s baseline and meet it every time. 

The last point is to be aware of rapidly changing consumption behaviours. He said this requires constantly and proactively level setting. 

“Where are my customers? And what are their expectations? [You need to ask that] so that you don’t get left behind in that equation. It’s been said that we earn trust in drops. 

“I want to bring this back to a focus on the basics we talked about earlier, foundational, experiential, reputational, and it’s about doing it over the long haul. This isn’t a short term campaign. This is about a culture, and it’s longer in nature.” 

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