For adtech and martech to work together, the core focus needs to be the consumer, says Adele Wieser, Regional Managing Director, APAC at Index Exchange. 

During a LiveRamp panel discussion entitled Online Identity in a Cookieless World, Wieser posed the question, “How do we make a very consumer-centric approach to a solution that we can deliver? Through that, we will build trust. And through trust, we will gain scale.”

She said one of the largest difficulties is not falling away to easy solutions — which is what the cookie effectively ended up being, from a targeted point of view. 

“Obviously there is another greater piece of work — we need to collaborate, which as an industry we haven’t done at scale. There are definitely players that work together very well, but in the broader space we haven’t done that.”

Impact of third-party cookies on marketers and publishers

Marketers can be either lucky or unlucky with the changes they have to contend with, according to Krish Raja, Director of Product and Platform Strategy at Amobee. 

He said, “There’s obviously the cookie changes, there’s new GDPR and CCPA laws as well as the integration of VirtualOz. All of these things affect how you plan, buy, and measure your campaigns in one way or another.”

The impact on publishers will be a positive outcome, Raja noted. “We will see the good quality supply of inventory rise to the top. In this case, I mean data. 

“We’ve already seen it in the past, where the cleaning up of the supply chain and long-tail inventory has actually benefited the large publishers in Australia. I think they’ll also benefit from this in the datasphere, and their data quality will be rewarded and become sought after.”

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