Communications agency Hotwire is offering free media training for women next year in a bid to promote females in the local tech industry.

Hotwire said the initiative was developed in response to the dire need for greater gender diversity in the Australian tech sector, with the company keen to ensure it plays its part to make this a reality for the industry.

Hotwire Australia will offer its retainer clients up to four media training sessions per year for up to three female spokespeople per session at no charge in 2019.

Mylan Vu, Managing Director, Hotwire Australia, said the reason to limit the training to retainer clients was to ensure it wasn’t a “one-off” so the training would occur on an ongoing basis “to genuinely build their profile as a role model in the industry”.

“We work with a range of technology and innovation-driven companies and our clients often seek our help to attract a more diverse workforce comprising more female role models,” Vu said.

“For many tech companies, providing speaker and media opportunities to publicise spokespeople starts with media training, and this is where we are invested in making a difference at a grassroots level.   

“The most common channels through which role models become known and share their influence are speaking panels at conferences and events, and interviews in mainstream media. By providing free media training for female spokespeople, we can provide them with an increased volume of opportunities to have their voices heard.”
With more media trained women in the tech industry, Hotwire said it anticipates seeing more women featured in mainstream and social media, creating more visible female role models for current and future tech generations.

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