Heineken Urban Polo is using Oracle artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud to power a digital concierge for its events in New Zealand.

The concierge contains all event’s information such as how to get there, where the bar is, what times the matches start, when the pony parade is on, rules of the game, details of players, which DJs are playing and etc.

Available via Facebook messenger, users can ask it these questions and more in a natural and conversational way. The deep learning-based natural language understanding (NLU) behind the Oracle Intelligent Bot means it can comprehend conversations, determine intent and respond in context.

The bot will continue to evolve, understand questions more effectively and better respond to varying questions from attendees over time by leveraging powerful machine learning, the company said.

heineken messenger chatbot

“The chatbot’s been a really powerful tool for us, helping enhance the consumer experience and attaining a ‘closeness’ and personal means of contacting our consumers and followers. In short it enables attendees to get all the information they want, when they want – in a way that is very familiar to them – through the messaging tools they’re already using,” said Simon Wilson, Director, Heineken Urban Polo.

Starting as a four game series played across various locations in New Zealand, Heineken Urban Polo will next move to Singapore.

“The information is not pushed or promoted to them enhancing the personal experience; anything that makes the customer feel like we care is really powerful.  I’m looking forward to taking it to the next level as we expand the event series from New Zealand to other locations – the next stop will be Singapore.”

Duncan Richards, Digital Specialist, Oracle Australia and New Zealand, said, “The future of events is digital.  No one wants a programme any more. Even asking attendees to download an app for just one event is intrusive. This is a way for organisers to get really close to their customers, engage with them and improve the consumer experience. There is so much potential for more. Right now it is conversation, and the ability to pull in other digital content like maps or video, but next year it could be incorporating VR, with attendees getting to participate in the polo match.”

The solution was implemented in four weeks in conjunction with Oracle gold level OPN partner, Friday Solutions and Eyemagnet.

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